How Much Does a Piano Cost: Pricing Guide & Buyer Tips [2022]

Buying a new or used piano can be daunting when you don’t know how much you will need or the model you want. There are a lot of different piano brands and types out there, which is why we’re here to help you. We’re going to let you know everything there is about buying this type of instrument as an inventment.

When we’re considering how much does a piano cost we’re not only thinking about the actual purchase of the element. There’s a lot more that goes into it, which we’ll explain further in this guide.

How Much Are Electric Pianos?

Pianos cost money and if you want to buy a good one, you’ll have to hand over the cash. There are, of course, used pianos but you will still expect to pay a small amount for these and you may also have to refurbish them.

The price of a piano all depends on what type of piano you want. If you are just starting out playing piano you may want to opt for a more versatile electric or digital piano rather than the more expensive upright pianos. These aren’t necessarily cheaper but you can get a great musical instrument for a smaller cost than you would for an acoustic piano.

Benefits of a Digital Piano

There are benefits of purchasing a digital piano such as:

  • You have the option to plug in headphones, meaning you can practice in peace without causing a racket for your family or neighbors.
  • You can also turn the volume down on a digital piano.
  • Electric pianos are smaller than upright pianos or a grand piano.
  • Electronic keyboards have different sound effects and built-in metronomes.

Electric Piano or Keyboard?

Many people think that an electric piano and a keyboard are the same things when in fact they aren’t. Electric pianos have been designed to replicate the sound of an upright piano but with the added bonus of being able to change the volume and size of the instrument.

Keyboards look a little bit like a piano but offer up more sound effects and can also emulate different instruments as well. It will all depend on how specialized you want your instrument to be, with beginner pianos and keyboards costing less than more advanced versions.

How Much Will I Have to Pay?

When it comes to paying for musical instruments it’s very much a case of you will get what you pay for. Electronic pianos have a massive range of prices, starting out for as little as $54. These versions won’t be like playing a baby grand or a grand piano, but for those just starting out playing the piano, these are a great option for starting out. You can also buy these pianos in starter packs that will include your keyboard and music stand, a set of headphones, and a stool.

For those who are committed pianists and want something more robust than your first keyboard, you’ll want to opt for an instrument from one of the best brands out there. These can set you back between $100 to $400. The benefits of instruments like this are that they mimic the sounds of concert grand and upright pianos and you won’t have the risk of as many technical faults. Another benefit is that you won’t have to pay for a piano move or pay for tuners and technicians.

At the highest end of the scale are the models specially designed to replicate an upright piano exactly. They include weighted keys and will make you feel as if you are playing a real acoustic piano. Pianos like this also include USB ports and have different recording features. However, you will pay the price for one of these stunning instruments, with the best models being between $1000 to $5000.

How Much Are Acoustic Pianos?

Buying a grand piano or a baby grand when you are a beginner player is a bit ambitious. So if this is your first instrument, try to find used pianos or even an electric one to save you some money.

Benefits of Acoustic Pianos

An upright piano will cost you a pretty penny – more so than an electric one. Here are some of the benefits of having acoustic pianos which makes them a high commodity to serious pianists:

  • They look wonderful, with many people buying these instruments purely as a piece of furniture.
  • An acoustic piano sounds great, something an electric piano will never be able to fully replicate.
  • For serious pianists, there’s no other choice. You will need to have a proper piano to get the best sound out of it.

Different Types of Acoustic Piano

If you want an acoustic piano there are a few different types you will want to consider. Upright pianos come in many different sizes so if you need a smaller model then you may want to get a spinet piano. Consoles are the next largest on the piano scale but they are of much higher quality than the spinet. The price difference is too extravagant either.

Full-size uprights and studio pianos are at the top end of the scale. A full-size upright piano has the same octave range as a baby grand piano but saves on the space. A baby grand piano is around five feet whereas concert grand pianos can reach over ten feet in size. This makes them a tricky instrument to keep in your average-sized home and they cost a lot of money too.

How Much Will It Cost?

Your standard upright piano can start off in the thousands of dollars. Baby grand pianos for sale will be three times the price of your average upright. Because of the price grand pianos are not suggested for beginners who would be better off choosing used pianos or an electric option.

For grand pianos, you are looking at around $8000 minimum. To get the best piano on the market you could end up spending tens of thousands so you need to make sure you want to spend that amount of money on the instrument. The object is to find the right piano for you, not just the most expensive piano by the best manufacturer.

Additional Costs

Once you find the right piano for your needs you will also need to think about the additional costs that come with these instruments and include these in your budget.

  • An acoustic piano will require you to hire a piano mover to take it from the store to your home.
  • If you are a beginner you will need to spend money on a piano teacher to learn how to play.
  • Twice a year you will need to hire a piano tuner if you have an acoustic piano. These visits won’t be cheap and can be in excess of $80 a time.
  • You will need to purchase books and sheet music to study from.
  • You may also want to buy downloadable piano music from online websites.

Piano Brands to Consider

It’s worth knowing some of the best piano brands out there so you can see how much your particular model will cost you. They will differ depending on what type of piano you want.

Brands for Electric Pianos

  • Yamaha – This manufacturer makes a whole range of instruments and they are well known for their electric pianos being reliable and of high quality.
  • Casio – One of the biggest names in electric pianos.
  • Roland – Built for professionals.
  • Korg – Excel in portable and lightweight instruments.
  • Kawai – New to the electric piano scene but have been known to make amazing acoustic pianos.

Brands for Acoustic Pianos

  • Steinway – The classiest pianos and some of the most famous the world over. They also provide some of the most expensive grand pianos on the market too.
  • Yamaha – Can’t be beaten on price, quality and reliability, great for at-home use.
  • Bechstein – Provide beautiful pianos.
  • Kawai – Also make acoustic pianos.

Should I Consider a Used Piano?

If you are absolutely set on buying acoustic then you may want to look at second-hand pianos. There’s a lot of deals you can get out there. You just need to be careful when you are buying something second hand. Every inch of the piano should be examined before you hand over any sort of money. Check out the used goods websites as well as the classifieds for baby grand piano sales.

Many of the piano brands also sell second-hand pianos as well. This may be one of the best places you can look for a piano as they are already assured of quality and will have been thoroughly inspected for any sort of damage or maintenance needs. Buying a used piano from someone on the internet when you don’t know what you’re looking for probably won’t be the greatest idea.


How much does a beginner piano cost?

For beginners, the best piano to opt for would be an electric model. You can pick up electric pianos for around $50. You just need to do your research and find the right piano that’s in your price range. Check out places like Ebay and Facebook to find pianos for sale near me and you can normally find a good deal on these sites.

What are pianos so expensive?

The reason pianos are so expensive is because they cost more to manufacture than most other instruments. Pianos are made from fine materials such as luxury woods and expensive veneers. All the components that go into making the instrument affect the end result, making the price go up.

Are old pianos worth buying?

An old piano can continue to sound good for many years even if it has been used for many years. You will need to maintain the piano regularly and remember that even the best-kept instrument will have gone through some sort of deterioration but can be restored to their former glory.


In short, a piano can be costly. This is both economically and in terms of the time it will take you to find the right piece as well as learn how to play it. Don’t forget that playing should be a luxury so weigh up the pros and cons of buying your dream piano before making that purchasee.

Now you know a bit more about what you can expect when it comes to shopping for a piano you’ll be able to find the perfect instrument to suit your needs. Happy shopping!

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