My name is Erik Gyepes and I’m the creator of staging.chordpresso.com, your one-stop place to learn everything about musical instruments, starting with digital pianos, violins and their accessories like headphones, lamps, benches, stands and more.

In my free time, I learn to play guitar (I own an acoustic Fender PM-1) and enjoying the life.

While I’m not working on this little “side project” website I work as an online marketer and I also publish articles on my more business-oriented blog.

With my amazing team (Roelof, Ben, and Djae) we aim to cover much more than digital pianos and you will be seeing this happening a lot in 2020.

Our authors are music tutors, composers and band players with extensive experience when it comes to choosing the right musical instrument.

With their experience, I believe we can help you when it comes to buy and learn to play on your instrument.

Meet the team

Roelof Strydom
Roelof Strydom is a 30-something-year-old wordsmith whose content has been published globally. When he is not writing, he spends his time playing the piano, drinking red wine, reading good books or operating the cruise control of his old ‘Benz in the wide-open spaces of South Africa where he lives. He owns a music school currently teaching music to about 250 kids and is a popular entertainer doing pianoman-type gigs in Johannesburg. When he’s out bragging, he talks about his student pilot license and being part of Erik’s staging.chordpresso.com team!

Ben Jacklin
Ben is a writer and musician from the UK, with a specialism in writing about music equipment, instruments, and production. Ben is qualified in Music Technology and has worked in recording studios in England and written for publications including Reverb Nation.

Djae Aroni
Djae Aroni is a Nairobi based musician and music producer. Despite having studied law up to a master’s level, Djae is a full-time music artist with a wealth of experience in the field of music. With over 10 years’ experience in composing and playing music, he is no stranger to the world of instruments. Having founded the Kenyan punk band Crystal Axis at the tender age of 15, Djae has relentlessly followed his passions and has shared the stage with a variety of artists across the globe.