10 Best Violins for Professionals in 2022

You have a lot of choices when it comes to the professional’s violins. As an advanced violin player, it is time to think about what you want in a professional instrument. This guide will help you pick an excellent violin to suit your needs.

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How to Buy a Professional Violin

Before you buy a professional violin, make a note of what you like in a violin. You have probably already played several violins in the past. When you pick a professional instrument, you should have a good idea of what you want to buy. This will avoid disappointment, and it will probably save you a lot of money.


You should expect to pay at least $500 and up for a professional violin. This is the time to spend extra money on your instrument. You want something that is going to sound great and last you a long time. You can’t cut corners, especially if you are playing live or involved in an orchestra. You want a violin that is going to have a top-quality sound so you will have to spend a little bit of money to get something that is of a high-quality.

Wood Choice

Choose for your violin is an important aspect of the sound. For professional violins, figured maple is often chosen. This is grown in Britain, Bosnia, Croatia, USA, Canada Germany, Romania, and other countries.  For the violin back, beachwood, willow, maple, and poplar are often used. Maple is often used as it has a nice aesthetic characteristic. It will give you a bright, responsive, and strong sound.  The type of wood you purchase will be entirely up to you. Try to have an idea of what you’re like before you purchase a professional instrument. You might want to speak to a violin luthier to get some ideas on the type of wood for your violin.


Your professional instrument that won’t sound great if you don’t use professional accessories. You’re going to want to pick up a high-quality bow, quality rosin, and make sure you have a hardshell case for your new, expensive violin. Do not cut corners when it comes to accessories. This is particularly the case with the bow in the rosin. Both of these accessories are essential investments. If you play live, you may also want some decent straps and solid chin rest for your instrument.


The tone of your new instrument is also going to be an aspect that you want to pay attention to. You should listen to people who play the model of the violin that you are interested in. You can often find YouTube videos on various violin models. It’s important to listen to the instrument, especially if you are going to buy it online. You want to be sure that the tone is what you want. Professional-grade instruments will sound a lot better when compared beginner or moderately priced violins. You were paying a lot more for the instrument, but you were getting the tone that you want. It’s important that you get something you will be happy with.


Another important aspect of your violin is going to be the strings that you use. You may want to try different brands for your new instrument to see what works best for you. The strings that you used in the past may not necessarily be the right choice for your new instrument. Spend some time with various string brands as well as gauges to see what works the best with your violin.

Brand Name Vs. Custom

You have several decisions to make before you purchase a professional violin. You have to consider whether you want to buy a brand name instrument or a custom one. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each instrument.

Brand Name

When you purchase a brand name instrument, you’re getting a product from a company that is well established. Companies that make professional violins have been doing it for a long time and no how to create great sounding instruments. It is often better to go with a brand name when you buy an instrument because you have a general idea of what you are going to be getting. These instruments go through quality control before they are released to stores. In general, you’ll get an exceptional instrument that will last you a long time. You also tend to get an extended warranty as well as customer support in case something happens to go wrong. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you buy online.

On the downside, a brand-new name instrument can be quite expensive. You are generally paying more for the name of the company than the instrument itself. The brand name of a high-quality violin comes with a high price tag. You may be spending more than you want to spend on a brand-name instrument, and a lot of that price has to do with the name and not the actual wood or the total quality of your new violin.


Some brand-name companies will do custom work, but a lot of them don’t. If you decide to go with a custom luthier, you will be spending a considerable amount of money when compared to buying a brand name instrument. The reason for this is that the custom luthier is only selling a few instruments and has to make up their costs, so you end up spending more than you might otherwise want to spend. The advantage of this is that you can get an instrument that is designed specifically the way that you want. You have more control over this what is going to go into your instrument.

The downside is that luthiers are going to be a lot more expensive, and you might have to wait a considerable amount of time for the instrument to be constructed. If you’re buying online, you also have to take shipping into consideration. It may cost you more to have them ship the instrument to you. If you buy from a brand-name retailer, they often include the shipping. The custom luthier can’t do this as they don’t make enough to cover your shipping cost.

Caring for your Violin

Take some time to look after your instrument and it will last you a long time. This short guide will show you how to care for your investment.

Use a Case

Whenever you are not using your violin, make sure you keep it in the case. You can also use a wall hook or a stand. You don’t want to leave your instrument out as it will accumulate dust, and you might trip over it or it could fall over This will result in significant damage to your expensive purchase. The best investment you can get for your violin is a high-quality case. You might also want to get one that has a humidifier inside which can protect the expensive wood.

Change Strings Once Every Month or So

Make sure you change strings on a periodic basis. You don’t have to change them as much as you might on a guitar, but they still need to be changed often. A good rule of thumb is to change them at least once every two months. You can also change them when your violin doesn’t sound as good as it used to. A fresh set of strings will make a world of difference in terms of the tone. Make sure you were only using a little bit of rosin on your bow as you don’t want to transfer too much of this to the strings which will further degrade them.

No Household Cleaners

One common mistake many violin players make if they use household cleaners to clean their instruments. you should never use any sort of chemical to clean your violin. Only use polish and other compounds that are approved for cleaning a violin. You don’t want to damage the delicate wood.

Best Violin for Professionals Reviewed

1. D Z Strad Model 220 4/4 – Best Low Cost Pro Violin

D Z Strad Model 220 4/4 Full Size Violin with Dominant strings, bow, case, rosin and shoulder rest-Open Clear Tone

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For those looking or a high-quality violin, have a look at the D Z Strad Model 220. it has everything that today’s advancing violin player is going to need, yet it doesn’t have a huge price.

This violin has depth, warmth, and rich sound. It’s made with Engelmann Spruce which has been seasoned to enhance the tone. This wood has been air-dried for over 10 years. You get an ebony fingerboard and its professionally varnished. It comes with dominant strings, case, shoulder rest, brazilwood bow, and a cake of rosin. It is set up right after the box and ready to go. For anyone that wants a high-quality violin, the D Z Strad Model 220 is a good choice.


  • Comes with accessories
  • Good seasoned wood
  • Sounds excellent


  • Accessories could be a bit better
  • Some buyers had missing accessories when they ordered

2. Cremona SV-1260 – Best Violin with Case

Cremona SV-1260 Maestro First Violin Outfit - 4/4 Size

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For those that want a professional violin, the Cremona SV-1260 Maestro is an excellent choice for several reasons.

This instrument has a solid Spruce top which is been properly graduated and hand car. The sides and neck are made with solid maple wood and it has a one-piece flamed maple back. You get an excellent attack sound out of the instrument. It features Anton Breton VNS-150 Perlon strings, Cremona bridge, VP-14 fine tuners, and a Sacconi-style tailpiece. the saddle, nut, and fingerboard are made with polished ebony. You get a superior case with your instrument that also includes a humidifier. It will be kept at the right temperature so it doesn’t get damaged. It also comes with a J. LaSalle LB-17 Brazilwood bow which has a balanced tone. The Cremona SV-1260 Maestro Is the perfect instrument for today’s practicing musician.


  • Superior wood
  • Excellent case
  • Great tone


  • Could use a few more accessories
  • May need a bit of setup out of the box

3. D'Luca PROV-CA800-4/4 – Best Antique Looking Violin

D'Luca PROV-CA800-44 Strauss 800 Espressivo Violin Antique Finish 4/4 with SKB Molded Case

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If you want a violin that has an antique look to it, the D’Luca PROV-CA800 Is a good choice as it has an antique style finish as well as other excellent features.

The instrument is made with seasoned tonewoods. These woods have been slow dried and cold grown. The wood includes premium solid aged maple wood as well as solid selected grained spruce.  The wood has been professionally hand-carved. The wood has a nice flame to it and a distressed antique varnish finish. You get boxwood pegs, ebony fingerboard, boxwood tailpiece, and a chinrest. accessories include horsehair bow, dominant strings, SKB molded case, and a cake of rosin.


  • Excellent wood
  • Good accessories
  • Balanced tone


  • Case could be a bit better
  • A little expensive

4. No products found. – Best Handcrafted Violin

No products found.

No products found.

Or anyone looking to spend extra on a professional violin, the LOIKHGV Violins Master HandcraftedIs an exceptional instrument that you want to own.

This violin is made with high-quality spruce, and natural flamed maple. The tailpiece is made out of Ebony and a 4/4 size violin. The wood has been naturally dried or 25 years to improve the tone. It is handcrafted for today’s players. It comes with several accessories such as a violin tuner, wiping cloth, cake rosin, bow, Piastro Tonica strings, maplewood shoulder rest, and a case. You’ll spend more on this instrument, but it is a superior handcrafted violin that you will love for years to come.


  • Handcrafted with quality woods
  • Long drying process for wood to improve tone


  • High cost
  • Accessories could be better

No products found.

5. Dominique Music – Best Baroque Style Violin

Dominique Music Baroque Style Hand-Made 4/4 Violin with Case, Dominant Strings & Bow

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For those that play classical violin music, you want a high-quality instrument. You should consider the Dominique Music Baroque Style violin as it is an exceptional product.

This instrument is handmade in the Baroque violin style. It features a solid spruce top. The instrument voice has depth, character, and a well-balanced tone. The finish is exceptional and it has a nice design on the fingerboard. This is a full size 4/4 violin to suit most adult players. It comes with a shoulder rest, violin bow rosin, Dominant synthetic core strings, and a form-fitted case. You will pay a lot for this instrument, but it is well worth the investment because of the quality of the wood, and the sound you will get out of this instrument.


  • Great wood selection
  • Balanced tone
  • Nice case


  • May be out of many people’s price range

6. Artista AV1 Violin – Best Low Production Violin

Artista AV1 Violin - Full Size - Hand Made - One of a Kind - Artisan Violin - w/Free Product Samples

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Many violins, even professional ones are mass-produced. If you’re looking for a low run violin where there are a few models made each year to a high-quality, how to look at Artista AV1 Violin.

This is an excellent violin for today’s orchestra player or other professionals. Each year, they are just a few Artista level violins produced. Each one of these is handcrafted by an artisan. They offer amazing playability, construction, and design. They are produced for intermediate and professional musicians. They’re used by many different orchestras around the world. You get a complex tone thanks to 100+ years of dried seasoned wood. Adjustments and final assembly are done in the United States. You get a limited lifetime warranty. It is a one-of-a-kind instrument and  Each instrument is a special work of art. if you have the money to spend and want an amazing instrument that will last you a long time, you might want to consider the Artista AV1 Violin.


  • Aged wood
  • Great tone


  • No accessories
  • High cost

7. Gasparo da Salo – Best Vintage Copy Violin

D Z Strad Violin – Gasparo da Salo, 1590, “Adam” Copy

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For those looking for a reproduction violin based on professional instruments from the past, the D Z Strad Violin – Gasparo da SaloD Z Strad Violin is a great choice.

This instrument is modeled after the famous 1590 “Adam” violin.  it is a full-sized 4.4 instrument handcrafted by luthiers. It features dominant strings and a maple bridge. On the back in the sides of the instrument, there is inlayed double purfling. This is a narrow edge which acts as decoration and gives the violin an attractive look. The back has inlaid flourishes. the word is hand-carved and finished with quality spirit varnish. The maplewood has an excellent sound to it. You get a high-quality instrument, dominant strings, bow, case, and a cake of rosin when you purchase. It is 100% hand varnished and 100% handmade so you know you are getting an instrument of high-quality.


  • Professional look
  • Extra detailing
  • Case and bow


  • Case could be better
  • A little expensive

8. Yamaha SV-250 – Best Electric Violin

Yamaha Silent Series SV-250 Electric Violin - Shaded Brown

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For professional violin players, the enjoy electric instruments, you want a great sounding violin. One exceptional handcrafted instrument is the Yamaha SV-250 Electric.

This violin has a chambered flamed maple body. The pickups feature a blend control and you get two pickups. The fingerboard is made out of ebony. You get a realistic acoustic tone when you play and it has excellent resonance as there is a hollow chamber. It’s easy to dial in your sound as there is a streamlined control box. This includes a tone control, equalizer, volume control, line output, XLR output, and a headphone output. This violin has set a benchmark in professional performance for electric violins.


  • Nice pickups
  • EQ settings


  • You need to buy an amp
  • Odd shape might not appeal to everyone

9. Barcus Berry BAR-AET – Best Acoustic/Electric Violin

Barcus Berry BAR-AET Vibrato-AE Series Acoustic-Electric Violin - Tuxedo

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If you need both the sound of an acoustic violin and an electric violin you might want to pick up the Barcus Berry BAR-AET.

The instrument gives you excellent acoustic performance and it also has included pick up so you get electric performance as well. The bridge has a built-in piezo pickup which is high-quality and it gives you the superior sound performance. The instrument is handcrafted with graduated select woods. It is made in Romania and includes a bow, shoulder strap, rosin, and a carrying case.  For any musician that wants both acoustic sounds as well as electric, pick up the Barcus Berry BAR-AET.


  • Bother acoustic and electric sounds
  • Case, bow and rosin
  • Great pickup


  • Could use an EQ control
  • Needs tone knob to go along with volume control

10. Yamaha Electric Violin - YEV104NT – Best Uniquely Shaped Electric Violin

Yamaha Electric Violin-YEV104NT, Natural (YEV104NT)

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For anyone that wants a unique electric violin the  Yamaha YEV104NT should be one instrument that you consider.

This violin is lightweight, easy-to-use, fun to play, and it is not too expensive. It is visually appealing with a unique look. It produces a clean sound and it resonates well. It’s made from six different types of wood so this adds to the natural sound when it is amplified. All you do is plug it into an amplifier and start playing. It comes with excellent pickups which further enhance the tone.


  • Made with a variety of woods
  • Greta tone


  • No included bow
  • You need to buy a case and amplifier


Take your time when choosing a professional violin. What you pick is not necessarily what someone else is going to pick. The one that you use, rosin, bow, and so on are all going to play a role in how the violin sounds. Use your ear and get something that sounds good to you as you want an instrument that you’re going to be happy with.

The Cremona SV-1260 Is an excellent choice for a professional violin. It has a great case with a humidifier to protect your investment. You’re also not going to be spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on your instrument. This particular model is exceptional for its price range yet will still give you the sound that you want.

If you want to step up in price, have a look at the D'Luca PROV-CA800-44. It is an antique-looking violin. It will cost you a lot more, but it sounds great I will give you this performance that you want night after night. The Artista AV1 Violin because they only make a few of them each year. You’re guaranteed to get an exceptional violin which will sound great and give you the professional tone that you seek.

This guide should give you some ideas as to the best violins for professionals. Be prepared to spend a little bit extra as you want something that is going to sound great and last for a long time. This may be your go-to violin for several years to come don’t spend a bit of extra money and get something that is made right.

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