Give Your Child the Gift of Music with a Great Violin

When looking for a violin for your child, you have a lot of options. You may not know a lot about these instruments, so this guide will help you pick out a great violin.

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What is a Violin?

A violin is a four-stringed instrument and played with a bow. Violins have been around for centuries. They are most often associated with orchestras and classical music but have found their way into many different genres, such as country, jazz, and even rock music.  Violins can be either acoustic or eclectic. The acoustic violin is the most popular. Most beginner students will start with a regular acoustic violin.

Violin Size

Violins come in various sizes. They are measured from the neck to the wrist area, as this is how they are held. The following guide will help you choose the right size of the violin for your child. Most adults and children over the age of 10 will use a 4/4 violin, which is the largest size. Younger children will need something that fits their arm length. It is important to get the right size, so playing is as comfortable as possible. Your music teacher or local music store can help you decide on the right side of the instrument if you are confused about it.

  • 1/16 arm length: 33.5 cm or less, 13 ¼ inches
  • 1/10 arm length: 36 cm, 14 ¼ inches
  • 1/8 arm length: 38.5 cm, 15 ¼ inches
  • 1/4 arm length:  44 cm,17 ¼ inches
  • 1/2 arm length:  48.5 cm,19 inches
  • 3/4 arm length:  52 cm, 20 ½ inches
  • 4/4 arm length: 54 cm, 21 ¼ inches


How to Buy a Violin

This short guide will help you purchase a violin that is right for your child. There are several features that you need to know about before you get one.

Violin Kits

One of the best options is a violin kit for a new player. These kits typically include a violin, case, bow, rosin, extra strings, lesson books, tuner, and other assorted accessories. They provide everything that the beginner needs to begin playing. The downside is that some of the accessories can be poor, and you get a basic violin. These kits are still good options since a basic violin is really all that a child is going to need. As the child progresses, these basic kits can be replaced by better quality products.

Custom Violin

It is not recommended that you go the custom route unless the child has a special need or you want something that is of a higher quality. Custom violins can be quite expensive, but if you have a good idea of what you want, then you can have something unique built. In general, you probably want to avoid a custom instrument for a beginner.

Brand Names

You should buy a brand name violin whenever possible. Some of the lower-priced kits can be quite poor, and it is not worth it to buy them. Look for kits and single violins that have a brand name. You will get all you need to begin to play right away with a good kit.


You may be tempted to buy a violin at a low price, but this is not the best option. If you go too low in price, the quality diminishes a great deal. You will have problems with the instrument, such as poor tuning, and this can slow the learning process. You may also spend need to spend more than the violin cost to have it fixed properly. By spending a little bit more than you intended, you will get a better quality instrument and a better playing experience overall.


Violins are often made with maple wood and spruce for the various components. Other wood is used, but these are the two main types of wood. You do not have to worry too much about the wood for a beginner violin. The wood grade will not be that good, regardless of what you buy. As you go up in price, the wood gets better in quality, and this results in a good tone. A basic beginner violin will still sound fine for those that are beginning to play.

Violin Case

The violin case is essential, especially for younger children. You want a high-quality case to protect the instrument. Many violin kits com with a soft-shell case, but this is not the best choice for younger students as they tend to be rougher with things. I suggest you buy a hardshell case to protect the instrument. You may want one with backpack straps along with a front pocket or an accessory pocket inside. Make sure there the inside of the case has a clip for the violin bow. The case also has to be big enough for the violin. For example, if you have 3/4 violin, then you need a ¾ case, and not 4/4 as that would be too large.

Rosin and Bow

You need a decent bow to play the violin properly. Many kits will come with one, but you may want a new one in short order. The bow also needs rosin so ensure that you have some. The key with rosin is to use a small amount on your bow. Your guitar teacher or a music store can show you how to apply it effectively.


Violins use three main types of strings. This short guide will help you pick out the set that is right for you. The strings that come with your violin, may not be the best. It can be a good idea to change them right away and put on a fresh set. This is because the violin may have been sitting in a warehouse for a long time or on a store shelf. The strings are probably already quite worn. You should change them as soon as you can to a fresh set which will have a better tone.

Gut Core

Strings made with gut core come from animal intestines. They are the oldest type of string and produce a great tone. They are not a good choice for beginners, as they are harder to tune. Gut core is the better option for intermediate and advanced players who care more about the overall tone of their playing.

Steel Strings

Many beginner violins ship with steel strings. These are a good choice as they are easier to tune and last a long time. They are a lower cost, so you save money. Most beginners should be using steel strings as these are recommended for first-time players. These strings are also the easiest of the three to play.

Synthetic Core

Synthetic core combines the tone of gut core with the ease of play that steel-string provides. The main problem is that these tend to cost more. Beginners probably do not want to spend a whole lot of their violin strings. They have a good tone and a stable pitch. These are recommended for intermediate and advanced players that want the combination of both gut core and steel strings.

Electric or Acoustic Violin?

Beginner violin students especially younger ones should probably start on the acoustic violin.  Electric violins are harder to play and you have to spend more money. You will also need an amplifier if you want an electric violin. most beginners will find the acoustic to beat the better choice. As the student progresses, you may want to pick up an electric violin if they show interest in it.  A lot of acoustic violins also come in packages so you can save money As they come with all of the accessories that you need to get started right away.

Learning to Play the Violin

There are two main ways you can go about helping your child learn the violin. How many schools offer music programs and a lot of children will learn how to play the violin this way. The main problem with this is that children that might be intimidated while they are at school. School lessons might not be the best way to teach a child that is shy how to play an instrument. They might not be as inclined to play the violin at school. Older children will probably benefit a lot from lessons at school, but you may find that younger children need more instruction.

A private teacher is ideal to teach someone how to play the violin. You could have your child play the violin at school, but also have an outside teacher. This gives them more time to practice working with a child one-on-one can help eliminate some of the problems they have in their playing. You can advertise for a private teacher or you can go to your local music store and they probably have teachers available.  You have to pay for a private teacher, but it can be well worth it if the student is serious about learning the instrument or you feel they need more one-on-one instruction.

Best Violins for Kids Reviews

1. Mendini Size 3/4 MV300 – Best 3/4 Kit

Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Kids & Adults - 3/4 MV300 Satin Antique Violins, Student or Beginners Kit w/Case, Bow, Extra Strings, Tuner, Lesson Book - Stringed Musical Instruments

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The  Mendini Size ¾ violin has a carved spruce top. The back and sides are made with maple wood. It comes in other sizes to meet your needs. It has pegs, a maple fingerboard, chinrest, tailpiece, and four fine tuners.

This kit ships with plenty of accessories which will help children learn how to play. The bow is made with Brazilwood and has genuine horsehair. You get an adjustable shoulder rest, two extra violin bridges, an extra set of strings, a violin lesson book, a clip-on tuner, and a case. The case features shoulder straps and has pockets for your accessories.


  • Solid wood
  • Lots of accessories


  • Could have a better case
  • Some tuning issues for buyers

2. Eastar 3/4 Violin – Best Low-Cost Kit for Beginners

Eastar 3/4 Violin Set Fiddle EVA-3 Matte fo Beginners with Hard Case, Rosin, Shoulder Rest, Bow, and Extra Strings (Imprinted Finger Guide on Fingerboard)

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The Eastar 3/4 Violin is a great choice for any parent that is looking for a high-quality violin for their child.

The instrument is made with spruce wood panel. It has a maple back and sides. The finish is an antique varnish so it has an attractive look and the fingerboard is made with pearwood. It has a chin rest, pages, and integrated fine tuners for easy tuning. The package comes with the violin, one horsehair bow, one rosin, one-shoulder rest, a soft case, two extra bridges, and an extra set of strings. You will get a 12-month warranty when you order this violin.


  • Good price
  • Comes with a lot of accessories


  • Some had tuning issues
  • Some quality control with part

3. Cecilio CVN - 300 Solidwood – Best High-Quality 3/4

CVN-300 Solidwood Ebony Fitted Violin with D'Addario Prelude Strings, Size 3/4

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For those looking for a higher quality 3/4 violin, have a look at the Cecilio CVN-300. it has a lot of great features to offer you.

This instrument has a solid spruce wood top. The back and sides are made with an antique varnish for a great visual appeal. You get an ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, chinrest, and four integrated fine tuners to ensure the instrument always sounds its best. You tet a chromatic tuner, Mongolian horsehair bow, adjustable shoulder rest, rosin cake, and one extra bridge. The softshell case has a zipper and a pocket for music papers. You get a one year warranty when you purchase this product.


  • Solid wood design
  • Lots of accessories


  • Could use a better case
  • No extra strings

4. D Z Strad Violin Model 100 - 3/4 – Best Pro Student Violin

D Z Strad Violin Model 100 with case, bow, shoulder rest, and rosin (3/4 - Size)

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The D Z Strad Violin Model 100 is an exceptional high-quality violin that is a good choice for beginners that have some extra cash to spend

You may have a younger child playing the violin, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get them an exceptional violin. You will get that with the D Z Strad Violin Model 100. It has a tight-grain spruce top. The back and sides feature figured maple for an attractive look. This instrument is set up and it is ready to go right out of the box. It comes with a tailpiece, integrated fine tuners, Brazilwood bow, case, strings, shoulder rest, and a cake of rosin. The beginner student has all they need to play right away.


  • Excellent tone
  • Nice wood
  • Comes with accessories


  • A little costly
  • The case could be better

5. Aliyes Solid Wood Violin – Best 4/4 for Older Students

Aliyes Solid Wood Violin Designed for Beginners/Students with Hard Case Bow Rosin (4/4/Full-size)

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For older students, the Aliyes Solid Wood Violin 4/4 is the ideal option. It has a lot of great features for the student that is picking up the violin for the first time.

This instrument has a great tone and it’s easy to use for a beginner. The top is made with spruce wood and it has an ebony fingerboard. It comes with integrated tuners, chin rest, pegs, and an alloy tailpiece. Accessories include a Brazilwood bow, bridge, rosin, softshell case, and an extra set of strings. You get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty when you order.


  • Antique look
  • Easy to pla


  • The case could be better
  • Tuning issues for some buyers

6. SKY 4/4 Full Size – Best Low-Cost Student Violin

SKY 4/4 Full Size SKYVN201 Solid Maple Wood Violin with High Quality Lightweight Case, Brazilwood Bow, String, Rosin and Mute

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The SKYVN201 student violin package has everything you need as a young beginner.

It features a solid Spruce top. The neck, side, and back are made with flamed maple wood. It has inlaid purfling for an attractive look. The chin rest, fingerboard, and pigs are also made from solid maple. The tailpiece features fine tuners so your violin is always in tune. It comes with several accessories such as a shoulder rest, bridge, bow, and a cake of rosin. The case has shoulder straps, a canvas interior, an accessory pocket, and an outside pocket for your sheet music.


  • Looks great
  • Lots of added accessories


  • The case could be better
  • Some tuning issues for some buyers

7. No products found. – Best Medium Cost 4/4 Violin

No products found.

No products found.

The Stentor, 4-String Violin is an excellent moderately priced 4/4 violin for students. It comes with great accessories and has everything you need to begin to play.

Violin has a solid maple back as well as a solid spruce top with fine grain. It has a composite tailpiece with integrated fine tuners. It has inlaid purlings for an attractive appearance. The chin rest is made out of hardwood. it comes with a wood horsehair bow canvas carrying case, and a cake of rosin. It comes with shoulder straps and it has a blanket to cover the violin so it doesn’t receive damage from the bow. This violin has an excellent sound and it comes in at a moderate price so your know you are getting a decent quality instrument or any beginner violin student.


  • Great tone
  • Nice case


  • Could use a few more accessories
  • Included strings are not the bes

No products found.

8. Aliyes Solid Wood Violin – Best 4/4 for Small Budgets

Aliyes Solid Wood Violin Designed for Beginners/Students with Hard Case Bow Rosin (4/4/Full-size)

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The Aliyes Solid Wood Violin is a good choice for any beginner looking that wants to start playing music. Parents will love the fact that it comes in at a low price but has a lot to offer.

This beginner violin has an excellent and clean sound. It’s perfect for beginners as it has everything you need to get started right away. It has a solid Spruce top, ebony fingerboard, and comes with a chin rest and pegs. The Alloy tailpiece has for integrated fine tuners so it’s easy to tune the instrument. It’s been set up professionally so it’ll sound great right out of the box. You get a 1-year limited warranty when you purchase.

A lot of value with this product as it comes with several accessories. You get a horsetail brazilwood bow. It comes with an extra set of strings and one bridge. For the bow, you also get a cake of rosin. The carrying case features a strap so you can take your violin with you. The inside of the case also has a compartment for your small accessories.


  • Great value for the money
  • Lots of accessories


  • The case could be better
  • Some tuning issue

9. Paititi 1/2 Size Artist – Best 1/2 for Small Budgets

Paititi 1/2 Size Artist-100 Student Violin Starter Kit with Brazilwood Bow Lightweight Case, Shoulder Rest, Extra Strings and Rosin

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The Paititi 1/2 Size Artist Is an excellent violin for young students. It has everything that a student needs to start their musical journey.

This violin has a solid wood body. It has purfling which adds to the attractive look. The finish is done in a chestnut brown which gives it a vintage appearance. The tailpiece features for built-in tuners which makes it easy to tune the instrument to pitch.

You get plenty of accessories when you purchase this violin. The bow is made with unbleached Mongolian horsehair. You get rosin strings and an extra bridge. There is also an included shoulder rest and a clip-on tuner. The case has two bow holders and a canvas exterior which is rainproof. It has an accessory compartment, music pocket, and a blanket to cover up the violin so it doesn’t receive damage from the bow. This is an excellent violin for kids.


  • Great look
  • Nice case
  • Low price


  • Some accessories could be better
  • Some quality control issue

10. Cremona SV-130 – Best 1/2 for Medium Budgets

Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin Outfit - 1/2 Size

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The Cremona SV-130 comes in at a moderate price, but is am an exceptional violin for any beginner.

This violin has on solid Maple body and a hand-carved solid spruce top. The fingerboard is made out of ebony wood. The neck has been oiled so it provides a better feel while playing. There is a chin rest as well as four tuners so it’s easy to get the instrument into tune.  it has been set up in the factory so it is ready to go right out of the box. You get an excellent vinyl case when your purchase. It has plenty of room for the violin and there’s also a bow holder inside. For your small accessories, you get a storage compartment and the handle on the outside of the case is made with thick plastic. The Cremona violin has been a top-selling violin for more than 10 years. It is the perfect solution for any novice musician.


  • Great case
  • Easy to play
  • Solid construction


  • Could use some more accessories
  • Some buyers had tuning issues

11. Cecilio CVN-500 Solidwood – Best Pro-Style 1/2 Violin Package

Cecilio CVN-500 Solidwood Violin (1/2 Size) with D'Addario Prelude Strings - Includes Complete Beginner/Intermediate Kit - Quality Instrument for Beginners and Learners

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Cecilio CVN-500 solid wood 1/2 violin is the ideal solution for today’s beginner that wants a high-quality violin. You may have a child that is interested in music. It makes sense to buy them a higher-quality violin because it will be easier to play.

This instrument has a solid spruce wood top. The neck, sides, and back are made with flamed maple wood. it comes to the pigs chinrest, ebony fingerboard, and the tailpiece has for detachable tuners return nickel-plated. It is strong with  D’Addario Prelude strings which have an excellent tone. You get extras such as a lesson book, chromatic tuner, two Brazilwood bows, quality rosin cake, extra bridge, adjustable shoulder rest, and a softshell carrying case. You are covered for a 1-year warranty when you order. This as an Exceptional value for any beginner violin player.


  • Lots of accessories
  • Made with solid wood
  • Excellent value


  • Some accessories are not the best
  • Some shipping problems with damaged items

12. Amdini 4/4 – Best 4/4 Kids Electric Violin

Amdini 4/4 Wine Red Colored Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin Kit with Ebony Fittings (Full Size)

Check Current Price on Amazon

The Amdini 4/4 is the best 4/4 electric violin for children that want to try the electric instead of the acoustic.

Some children may not want to play the acoustic violin, this electric violin is a perfect choice. It is attractive with a wine red metallic finish. It has a spruce body and an ebony fingerboard. It comes with tuning pegs, chin rest, and the tailpiece has detachable tuners. You get an active pickup system with tone control, volume knob, line out, phone, mike, and the system is powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery.

It comes with a brazilwood bow, manual, auxiliary cable, headphones, shoulder rest, an extra set of strings, rosin cake, and a lightweight case.


  • Looks great
  • Good pickups


  • Some accessories are poor
  • You need to buy an amplifier


It’s important to buy a decent violin even if you have a child that wants to learn. It makes it easier to play when you have a violin that has at least a little bit of quality to it. Don’t buy a kit that is to low priced because you won’t get something that is playable. There are a lot of great kits on the market today and most of them come with all of the accessories you need to begin your musical journey.

The Cecilio CVN-300 is an excellent violin. You get plenty of accessories with the kit. The instrument is made with solid wood and it’s a great choice for any beginner. you’ll save money when you purchase this kit get your child will have everything that they need to start learning how to play. While you don’t get as many accessories with the Cremona SV-130, it comes with a very nice case to protect your instrument. It is comfortable to play and sounds great. Your child will have an instrument that they can play for several years before they upgrade to something better. This violin also comes in many different sizes.

Plan to spend a little bit of money on your child’s first instrument. It is worth it to spend a little more because your child will end up with less frustration while they are learning how to play. I recommend picking up one of the kits because you’ll get everything that you need.

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