Best Violin Cases 2022: Protect Your Violin With These Exceptional Cases

You will find a lot of options in the market in terms of violin cases. It is important for you to protect your violin with a proper case.  This guide will help you pick out the best violin cases so you will have something that will protect your valuable investment.

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Types of Cases

There are several types of violin cases that you can choose from. Here is what you will find on the market.

Soft-shell Case

One of the most common types of cases is a soft=shell case. This is typically made out of vinyl material. There is usually some sort of a zipper and a carrying handle. These cases are often used by beginner violinists. They usually do not cost all that much and offer some modest protection for your violin. If you have an instrument that is quite expensive, you probably do not want to go with a soft-shell case. While this case offers good protection, it does not offer the maximum amount of protection that you will want for your violin. A lot of lower-cost violins also ship with a soft-shell case.

Soft-Shell/Hard-Shell Combination

It will be a combination of a soft-shell and a hard shell. They will usually have a vinyl fabric as well as some plastic material, which gives the case a little bit more stability. These cases are a bump up in price from a regular soft shell case. Give you extra padding when compared to a regular soft-shell case, but you still do not get the maximum protection. This can be a good option for intermediate violin players to look for a little bit more protection for their violin.

Hard-Shell Case

I recommend that all violin players get a hard-shell case if they can afford one. This offers you the maximum protection for your violin. Often these cases are formed fitted, so the violin fits snugly inside the case and is protected. These cases usually have pockets for accessories and other musical equipment. They will have a sturdy carrying handle, and they offer the maximum amount of protection for your violin. If you are traveling all the time with your instrument, you will want a hard-shell case. It is well worth the investment to pick up one of these. In some cases, when you purchase your violin, it will ship with a hard-shell case.


Here are some case features that you will want to look at before you purchase your violin case. It is important to weigh your options before you buy.

Case Size

Violin cases come in a wide range of sizes, Make sure your case is designed for the size of your violin. You do not want a case that is too small because the violin will not fit inside. You do not want a case that is too large because the violin will move around inside the case and could become damaged. Most manufacturers have multiple sizes of violin cases available. Make sure when you order that you purchased the right sized case for your individual instrument.


Make sure the case has enough room for your accessories. For example, a lot of cases have areas where you can put your violin bow. It does not make much sense to buy a case if there is not a place for the bow. You also want pockets for things such as your rosin or other equipment that you have. Some cases will have pockets with zippers on the outside where you can put sheet music.

Inside Straps

You may also want a case that has a strap inside. This holds your violin in place inside so it does not move around. A lot of cases will ship with straps, but some of them and do not have this feature.

Handle and Shoulder Strap

You want a case that has a quality handle. This is usually made out of molded plastic. Make sure that it is attached securely to the case. If you are on the go all the time to music lessons, you will probably want a shoulder strap since this makes carrying it a lot easier. Not every case will have a shoulder strap, but many do.

Zipper and Latches

Make sure that the case has a strong zipper or latches. Some cases have poor quality zippers or the latches may not be as sturdy as you want. You don’t want a poor-quality zipper because if this breaks, you won’t be able to close the case properly. Be worth it to spend a little bit extra to ensure that your case will close properly and be secure. Higher quality cases shouldn’t be a problem in this area, but lower quality cases may not have the best zipper or latch.


Another feature you might want is an outside lock. This locks your violin case so no one can get inside of it to take your instrument. You will find this on a lot of high-quality cases.


Pay attention to the weight of your violin case. You do not want a case that is going to be too heavy. Some hardshell cases offer a lot of protection, but it can be quite heavy to carry around. You may want to have a couple of different cases. One case you could use to take to music lessons, while another case you could use at home to keep your violin secured in storage. If you are traveling, you may also want to have a heavier case for your violin, so it does not move around on a flight, for example.


If you have an expensive violin, you may also want a case that has a built-in humidifier. Civil cases ship with humidifiers already installed inside. If your case does not have one, you can always pick one up. These will help regulate the moisture levels and keep your violin from receiving any damage.

Case Care

You need to take care of your case. Here are a few tips to ensure your case lasts you for a long time.

Be Careful with Zippers

Don’t open a zippered case too quickly as the zipper may catch and you could have a problem with it. Make sure the case you buy has a good zipper as lower-cost cases may be problematic.

Do Not Put Objects On it

Do not make the mistake of placing other objects on your case. You may be tempted to do this if the case is made out of hard plastic, but it’s easy to have an accident and have everything fall on the floor. Keep other objects off of the case.

Use a Dry Cloth for Cleaning

Use a dry cotton cloth for cleaning the case. Never use household cleaners as these may damage the finish. Dry the case off if it gets wet to prevent hinges and other parts from rusting.

Do Not Overload the Storage Compartments

Make sure you do not try and out too much in the storage compartment. These are usually small and you may damage your item if you try to force too much inside.

Best Violin Cases Reviewed

1. ADM 4/4 Full Size – Best Low-Cost Soft-Shell/Hard-Shell Violin Case

ADM 4/4 Full Size Violin Hard Case Basic Professional Triangular Shape Backpack, Super Light Suspension, Black

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You want your violin to be well protected. you get excellent protection with the ADM 4/4 soft-shell/hard-shell case.

This case has an outer durable fabric that is waterproof and lightweight. The interior has velvet-like material that is soft to protect the violin from scratches. The case only weighs 2.6 pounds so it’s easier to carry around when compared to other cases. It has a full-length sheet music pocket, two bow holders, and an accessory box inside. You can use the box to hold items such as your rosin. It comes with a sturdy comfortable hard plastic handle and there are adjustable shoulder straps for easy portability.

There is a cloth that goes across the violin to keep the bow off of the wood on your instrument. This case comes in at a reasonable price to be spending a whole lot to protect your valuable violin.


  • Good room for accessories
  • Carrying handle and shoulder straps
  • Inner liner for instrument protection


  • Could use a better zipper
  • The accessory pouch inside is small

2. Protec MX044 – Best Case with Accessory Pocket

Protec MX044 4/4 Violin Shaped MAX Case, Black

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If you carry around a lot of accessories for your violin, you need a good storage pouch for your case. You get plenty of storage room with the Protec MX044 case.

This carrying case for your violin has a non-abrasive interior lining. There is suspension padding to protect your instrument and inside is an accessory compartment. Outside and there is also a large pouch for carrying other musical accessories. The material outside of the case is durable and will help protect your instrument. Inside you will also find two clips for your bows along with a blanket to drape over your violin at to protect it. You get a carrying handle, adjustable shoulder strap, and a quality zipper. The case is suitable for a 4/4 violin.


  • A good pouch on the outside
  • Solid straps
  • Sturdy zipper


  • Not as sturdy as a full hard-shell case
  • Could use a bit more room in the inside storage compartment

3. Crossrock Carbon Fiber Composite – Best Travel Case

Crossrock Strong and Lightweight Carbon Composite, 4.3lb only, Support 330lb Pressure in Rose Gold Shaped 4/4 Violin Case (CRF4000SVRG)

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When you travel, your violin is more susceptible to damage. You need a sturdy hard-shell case if you plan to do a lot of traveling while playing your music. You should have a look at the Crossrock Carbon Composite case as it has a lot to offer you.

This case is made with carbon fiber and reinforced polymer which is very We call this a carbon composite. It is shaped to fit your violin yet can the stand at 330 pounds of pressure. The case itself weighs just 4.3 lb so it is easy to carry around with you. There are two bow holders inside and it has strong molded hinges so it secures your instrument. The rubber handle has a soft leather grip so it is comfortable while carrying it around. It comes with a padded dust cover and a carbon fiber accessory pocket. Also has two backpack straps so you can take it with you wherever you go.


  • Strong case
  • Backpack straps
  • Bow holders inside


  • No outside storage
  • Expensive

4. No products found. – Best Soft-Shell Case

No products found.

No products found.

For those looking for a dependable and secure soft shell case for their violin, you can’t go wrong with the Bam SG5003S.

This 4/4 case includes two bow holders for the violin. The cradle inside is made with high-density polyurethane foam so it protects your instrument from shocks. You get to backpack straps that are adjustable.  you also get an expandable external pocket for your sheet music. This case has a solid vinyl handle as well as a good zipper. The fabric is water-resistant and will resist tears and abrasions. The Bam SG5003S a dependable case that will protect your valuable investment.


  • Bow holders
  • Shoulder strap
  • High-density impact internal foam


  • Quite expensive
  • Could use more room for accessories

No products found.

5. Baker Street BK-4020 – Best Professional 4/4 Case

Baker Street Violin Case (BK-4020)

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Your violin case is an important accessory for your instrument. You want one that is going to protect your valuable investment. You won’t get that with the Baker Street BK-4020.

this case has a strong plywood shell which is lightweight. the interior is padded in a soft material and suspends the violin to keep it in place. You get a blanket to go over the violin to protect it from the Bow. It has a nylon zipper which is strong and sturdy. There is a key latch and a detachable shoulder strap. The carrying handle is made with hard molded plastic. Inside the compartment, there is a thermometer and a hydrometer to keep your instrument free from moisture damage.  This case will also hold four violin bows.


  • Solid case
  • Key latch for security
  • Moisture control


  • Quite expensive

6. Aileen Violin Hard Case – Best Pro Molded Case with a Hydrometer

Aileen CSV-F18 Violin Hard Case 4/4 Full Size Luxury with Hygrometer Suspension, Purple

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For those that want a solid violin case, have a look at the Aileen Violin Hard Case. It has everything that you need to protect your instrument.

This case is made with high impact molded plastic so it will resist damage. You get space inside for two bows, and there is an accessory compartment. The case has metal D rings for a shoulder strap and the handle is made with hard plastic. The latches on the case are well designed and secure. To protect the violin from moisture, you get a hydrometer inside the case compartment. This is a superior case for any violin player.


  • Made with hard plastic
  • Shoulder strap
  • Secure latches


  • The accessory compartment could be bigger
  • Some had issues with not enough room inside for their instrument

7. Tom and Will 43VL34-610 – Best Beginner 3/4 Case

Tom & Will 43VL34-610 Classic Violin Case 3/4 Size

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For those looking for a high-quality 3/4 size violin case, have a look at the Tom & Will 43VL34-610.

This soft-shell case has a molded interior with a plush lining. The case has protective studs and vinyl covering to keep it secure. It features shoulder straps, two handles, and zippers for easy access. Inside there is room for two bows, and you get a storage compartment for your violin accessories. The latch outside is lockable for added security. You also get a string tube inside the case to keep extra strings secure. The Tom & Will 43VL34-610 is the perfect 3/4 case.


  • Tube for string storage
  • Two handles
  • Lockable


  • Zippers can stick
  • Room inside is a bit cramped

8. D'Luca CP03 – Best Pro 3/4 Case

D'Luca CP03 Oblong Violin Case Burgundy - 3/4

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The D’Luca CP03 is a professional and reliable 3/4 violin case with a lot of great features for today’s player.

This case is oblong, hard-shell, durable, and lightweight. It features brass screws on the outside for added case security. You get a full zipper sheet music pocket for all of your notes and papers. It is portable with the included shoulder strap and high-quality handle. Inside there is a blanket to drape over your violin to protect it from bow damage and scratches. You also get a small accessory compartment for rosin and other violin accessories. The D’Luca CP03 is a solid option for any player that wants a professional case to protect their investment.


  • Great protection
  • Music paper pocket
  • Blanket inside


  • Expensive
  • Not a lot of space inside the case

9. Protec MAX STUDENT 1/2 – Best Case for Students


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For younger students using a  smaller sized violin, you still need a high-quality case. The Protec Max is an excellent option for practicing violinist.

This case is lightweight and features a shock-absorbing frame to protect the instrument. It has two bow clips inside and an exterior pocket for music books. Inside the case is a small storage compartment for violin accessories. It has a sturdy carrying handle and zipper to close the case.


  • Storage compartment on the outside
  • Good price


  • No shoulder strap
  • The zipper could be better

10. Crossrock 1/2 – Best Pro Travel Case

Crossrock 1/2 Violin Case-Backpack Style in Blue (CRA800SVHBL)

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The Crossrock case is a hard-shell case for any musician on the go. It has a lot of great features to protect your valuable instrument.

This case has sturdy and thick shoulder straps that make carrying the violin easy. The outside is made with tough ABS plastic which resists scuffs and scratches. Inside you get a plush lining and hard foam core for even more protection for the violin. You have two bow holders for the bows and two accessory compartments for small items like a rosin cake or a pack of strings. The violin is secure in the case with a cross strap. It has a solid plastic handle and latches. This is an all-round great item for any violinist looking for maximum protection for their violin.


  • Solid protection
  • Storage compartment
  • Bow holders


  • Tight fit for violin
  • Compartments for storage are quite small

11. Crossrock CRF1000 DVNVBL – Best for Stage Performers

Crossrock CRF1000DVNVBL Fiberglass Double Violin Case For Two 4/4 Full Size Violins, Backpack Style in Navy Blue

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The Crossrock CRF is the right choice for any stage performer that has to travel. It has a ton of superior features when compared to other cases.

This case is unique as it will hold two full-sized violins. This makes it perfect for the traveling musician who needs to carry two instruments. The exterior is hard fiberglass and it can withstand 300 pounds of pressure. This makes it ideal for flights where instruments can get banged around quite severely. Inside you will find thick foam padding and a soft velvet lining to protect the violin.

You get four bow holders and there is a hydrometer to protect your investment from moisture. It has backpack straps and a strong carrying handle. The latches are tight and secure.


  • Solid protection
  • Backpack straps


  • No lock
  • No storage compartment for accessories

12. Bam Hightech Violin Case – Top Protection for Violins

Bam Hightech La Defense Contoured Violin Case - Brushed Aluminum - DEF2002XLA

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For those that need maximum protection for a valuable violin, you might want to look at the Bam Hightech case.

This case suspends the violin on an injected foam cushion for complete stability. The case is molded to fit your violin perfectly. The product is lightweight and very durable. It has a tripe structure made from Airex foam, ABS plastic, and another type of plastic. The case has rubber antiwear and anti-slip patches to keep it secure on all surfaces. The handle and latches are solid and well-designed. The case includes two notches inside for your bows.


  • Superior protection for your instrument
  • Good handle and latches


  • High cost
  • Needs more storage space for items


You have a lot of options in terms of violin cases. You can spend a little or a lot, it’s entirely up to you. It is recommended that you spend as much as you can to get a superior case to protect your valuable violin. Make sure it has a good latch or a zipper, strong handle, and storage space for your violin accessories. hard-shell cases are ideal, but you will find quite a few decent soft-shell cases on the market, too.

Beginners may want to pick up the ADM 4/4 Full Size as this is a low-cost option, yet offers good protection for your violin. The Aileen Violin Hard Case 4/4 is ideal for traveling and includes a hydrometer for added moisture protection, the case is hard molded plastic so it even protects the violin on flights where bumps are common.

Professional musicians may want to check out the Bam Hightech Violin Case. This is a great option as it offers complete protection for any valuable instrument. the Crossrock CRF case is another solid option as it holds two instruments which makes them ideal for stage performers.

This guide to the best violin cases should help you find a suitable case for your violin. protect your instrument with a good case and it will last you for years to come.

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