Secure Your Music Papers with These Top Notch Music Stands

One of the most overlooked accessories when it comes to guitar playing is the music stand. Your stand is an important part of the learning process. This is why it pays to have an excellent product at hand. This guide will help you pick out the best one to meet your needs.

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Why You Need a Music Stand

You may be tempted to put your music papers on your bed or the couch and try to learn that way. This is not comfortable or convenient for you. The best place for your music papers is a music stand. The reason for this is that they will be at eye level while you sit on a chair, which will be comfortable and ergonomic. You will be able to concentrate on your guitar playing with proper positioning and posture while looking at the music on the page.

You should not neglect the music stand in your practice room. This is something you should be using all the time as it will help you learn. It keeps your music in one position so you can scan the music while keeping your hands free on the instrument you are playing.

Stand Types

There are two main stand types that you need to be aware of before you buy.

Tripod Base

Many of these products come with a tripod base. They’re fully adjustable up and down so you can put it in the position that works for you. They will also have angle adjustments so you can angle the bookplate to read the music easily. On the downside, they can sometimes be flimsy and easy to knock over. You have to be careful when you use them. They often come with carrying cases so you can fold these down to take with you.


The desktop version is basically the top part of a stand without a tripod.  This type has a  lever that you place upon a desk or other hard surface to keep it stable. This might be a better option if you play a lot of your music at a desk. For example, you might be composing something and want to refer to some music paper. This would make it easy for you to reference the material since the stand is right next to you. This type would also work if you have a keyboard that sits on your desk and you need to stand to reference the music as you play.

Music Stand Features

There are several features of the music stands that you should look for before you purchase.

Solid Base

Music materials are heavy, this is why you need a solid base for your stand. A lot of stands have three prongs that sit on the floor. This adds extra stability to the stand, and it is suitable for all surfaces. The three-prong stand is ideal because you can fold it up and take it with you. This makes it suitable for music lessons or wherever you want to take your instrument. The prongs are normally made with aluminum or another type of solid metal to ensure stability when you put weight on the stand.

Avoid flimsy stands as these are more likely to fall over. Some only hold single papers and not heavy materials as they lack the weight required to be sturdy. Ensure you buy one that can hold the materials you wish to use when practicing your instrument.

Stable Sheet Music Holder

You also want the stand to have a decent sheet music holder. This is the area where you place your music papers. At both ends of the music holder are two metal prongs. These will hold the pages back so you can read the material without the book closing on you.  Some music holders can be quite flimsy, and they will not hold heavy items. Other holders are solid pieces and are suitable for holding heavier materials. You must ensure that you get a stand but is capable of holding your heavier materials.  If it is not stable enough, then it’s going to wobble and may even fall off the main part of the stand.


Most stands are adjustable. You will have an adjustment in the middle of the stand so you can move the stand up and down to your preferred height. It doesn’t make much sense to buy a stand if there is not up and down adjustment. You need to make sure that this adjustment is secure so that the stand does not fall down. Some of the cheapest units will have poor adjustments, so it is often better to pay a little more as it will have stable adjustments. You do not want the stand parts moving on you.

Some also have angle adjustments at the top of the stand. This is so you can angle the music paper holder, so it is at the right angle for your needs. Not every stand will have angle adjustments. it is a good idea to have this feature since it makes reading your music easier.


You will probably want to stand that has some rubber feet or other protection on the bottom of the stand if you plan to place it on a floor that might get scratched. Not every stand has protective feet, so this might be something you want to look into.


You need a stand that is portable if you plan to take it with you to music lessons. These will typically have a bag so you can put the stand inside and take it with you to your lessons. Not every stand will be portable and some have heavy and cumbersome bookplates. Some of them will be too large and heavy to take with you to lessons, so you have to consider this before you make a purchase.


Most music stands are made with either steel or aluminum. The ones that cost a little bit more are made with better quality materials. You may find it that the cheaper stands do not hold up all that well and are not the best solution for you. It can be well worth it to spend a little bit more on your stand since it will be made with higher-quality materials.

Music Stand Care

Here are several things that you can do to ensure that your music stand lasts a long time.

Keep it Free of Other Objects

A music stand is easy to knock over. This is why you should keep it free of other objects in your music room. It is important not to keep the stand too close to a guitar if your instrument is on a stand itself. These stands are made out of metal, and if they fall over and hit your guitar, your instrument may suffer damage. When you are not using your stand, keep it out of the way as much as possible. The ones that fold down should be folded down and put away in a corner.  This will ensure they will not get in the way, and you will not knock them over.


You should clean your music stand periodically. You can do this with a simple cotton cloth. You want to wipe out all of the dust that is accumulated on it. If you happen to spill something on it, you can wipe his away with a little bit of water. You don’t want to use harsh chemicals because you don’t know how they will react with the surface of the stand.

Make Sure Nothing is Loose

Check the adjustments on your stand periodically as these can come loose. You do not want the top part of your stand falling down unexpectedly. Do not overtighten adjustments as you can strip the screws. Tighten things only enough to keep the stand in the position that you want.

Do Not Overload the Stand

The stand is designed to hold one book for a few music papers. Do not try to overload it with a lot of papers or something that is extra heavy as it may fall over.

Best Portable Music Stand Reviews

1. Kasonic 2 in 1 Dual-Use – Best for Music Papers

K KASONIC - Music Stand, 2 in 1 Dual-Use Folding Sheet Music Stand & Desktop Book Stand, Portable Lightweight with Music Sheet Clip Holder & Carrying Bag Suitable for Instrumental Performance (Black)

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The Kasonic 2 in 1 Dual is an excellent stand  for the practicing musician that needs a place for their music

It is adjustable and flexible. It has a collapsible design so you can take it with you to music lessons. The height adjustment is from 18 in to 41 in. It has an adjustable angle so you can tilt it into the perfect position whether you are standing or sitting.  the tray is tall, and wide so it can hold all of your materials

The legs are supported by a three-prong tripod the stand is supported by a three-prong tripod. It will stay sturdy and it won’t slip on surfaces as it has rubber caps on the feet. It is lightweight and you can store it with ease by collapsing it down. You can also use this stand on a desk. Take the top part of the stand off and you can secure this to a desk so you can practice your music wherever you are. It comes with a carrying bag and a sheet music clip holder. The Kasonic 2 in 1 Dual is ideal for your music papers.


  • Two uses
  • Easy to adjust
  • Three prong base for stability


  • May not hold heavier music materials
  • Carrying case is not the bes

2. GLEAM Sheet Music Stand – Best for Medium Budgets

GLEAM Sheet Music Stand - Full Metal with Carrying Bag, Phone Holder, Sheet Music Folder and Clip, 5 in 1 Desktop Book Stand

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For those that have a medium budget, have a look at the GLEAM Sheet Music Stand which has a lot to offer you.

This stand can be adjusted between 35 to 55 in. Use it whether you are sitting down or standing up. The stand is portable and it quite sturdy so you can take it with you to music lessons or when you are traveling. It has a solid 3-prong base so it will stay stable on the ground. The music stand will tilt so you can put it in a position that works for you. It has clamps for the music, so you can keep your music papers stable while you are learning. It can hold ten pounds so it is perfect for heavier items. There is plenty of room at the top of the stand for heavier materials. You get a carrying bag when you purchase this product.


  • Study base
  • Can hold heavier items
  • Music paper/Book clip


  • Some had quality control issues when ordering
  • The top portion of the stand does not fol

3. ChromaCast CC-MSTAND – Best for Low Budgets

GoDpsMusic Music Stand (CC-MSTAND) (Carry bag included)

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For those looking for an inexpensive stand for their music papers, have a look at the ChromaCast CC-MSTAND.

This product measures  11.5″ x 20″  and is fully adjustable. It will hold music papers and it’s in the books on the 1-inch platform. It has a metal spring arm extension that will secure your music papers in place. You can use it whether you are standing or sitting. It has height adjustments from 28 in to 52 in. The tripod assembly keeps the stable no matter what surface it is on. It folds flat down so you can store it away. It is lightweight and you will get a carrying bag when you order.


  • Foldable
  • Tripod base for added stabilit


  • Will not hold heavier books
  • Carrying case could be better

4. AmazonBasics Professional Folding Orchestra – Best Stand for Orchestra Musicians

Amazon Basics Professional Folding Orchestra Sheet Music Stand, Black

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For those that need to secure their music for a performance, you might want to have a look at the AmazonBasics Professional Folding Orchestra Stand. This product has everything that you need for your music.

It has an adjustable height from a 25.2 in to 43.5 in. You can use it whether you are standing up or sitting down. It’s easy to angle the bookplate as there is a tension locking knob. This allows you to put the stand at the angle that you want while you were practicing. The bookplate itself measures 12.8 by 18.9 inches so it will accommodate many different sized books. You can remove the bookplate and a tripod base will fold up. This allows for compact and convenient storage as well as transport.  The base is sturdy so it won’t move around. All of your music papers and books will be ready for any musical performance.


  • Solid Base
  • Large bookplate


  • Expensive
  • Some had issues with the angle adjustment

5. CAHAYA 2 in 1 Dual-Use – Best Pro Dual Music Stand Kit

CAHAYA 5 in 1 Dual-use Sheet Music Stand & Desktop Book Stand Metal Portable Solid Back Height Adjustable from 31.4-57in with Book Stand Support, Carrying Bag, Sheet Music Folder and Clip

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The CAHAYA 2 in 1 Dual-use Sheet Music Stand Is the ideal product for you if you have a lot of music papers and you want a place to store them. This kit has several products in one handy package.

You get an adjustable and extendable stand. You can use this in both the standing and sitting positions. You can adjust it from 31.5 images 2:57 in. The tray is 2 inches deep so it can hold music books as well as sheet music. There is a metal spring arm extension which will hold sheet music and books in place so they do not move around while you are studying.

The tripod base is sturdy and the feet are rubber coated so they will hold a firm grip while on the floor. It can hold up to 12 pounds so it won’t tip over. You can tilt your music tray up 180 degrees so you can view it easily. You can make fine tilting adjustments with the adjustment knob. Take off the bookplate and you can use this on a desk. You get a carrying bag for your product so it is easy to take with you. You also get a sheet music folder that has 40 pockets so you can hold around 80 pieces of sheet music which is convenient if you are going to lessons and need to take a lot of paperwork with you. This is an outstanding kit for any practicing musician.


  • Stand, case, and music paper holder included
  • Sturdy base


  • A little expensive
  • Some experiences quality control issue

6. Vekkia Music Stand – Best for Those That Need Room for Books

Vekkia Music Stand for Sheet Music - 19.68'x13.31' Extra-Wide Bookplate, Metal Portable Stand with Carrying Bag, Suitable for Instrumental Performance & Band, Black

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Sometimes, you need a stand that has a lot of room for extra books. Not a lot of stands have the room that you need, but the Vekkia Music Stand is an exception that you might want to consider.

It has an extra-large style book late that measures 19.68 in * 13.31 in. The platform is 1.96 in so it’s deep enough to hold a lot of music paper. You can hold up to 200 pages. You can take the bookplate off and use it on a table. It is fully adjustable from different angles. It has a fine adjustment knob so you can tilt it to an angle that is comfortable for how you want to view your papers. It is perfect for the choir, concert, at school, or while you are at home quietly practicing.

It is portable and foldable. It comes apart in two sections. You also get a carrying bag so you can take this stand with you no matter where you go. The base is a tripod style so it has the support that you need. When you order, you will get a 30-day a money-back guarantee.


  • Lots of space for music materials
  • Solid base
  • Adjustable


  • Expensive
  • Some did not get all the parts needed for assembly

7. Donner DMS-1F – Best Stand with Light

Donner Sheet Music Stand with Light, DMS-1 Portable Metal Music Stand, Tabletop Music Book Stand for Guitar, Ukulele, Violin Players

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The Donner DMS-1 is an excellent product for those that need extra light when practicing their music.

This stand is foldable and portable. It has a large bookplate which will hold all of your papers and music books. It features a flexible height adjustment from 19.18 to 46.4 in. You can use it whether you are standing up or sitting down. It has rubber feet and a sturdy base so the stand won’t move around while you are using it. It is made with high-quality ABS plastic and the legs and shaft of the stand are made with high-strength tubular steel for extra support.

It comes with a light, music sheet clip holder, and a black carrying bag. You also get a USB cable for the light. You can charge this light from any USB capable device such as your computer. For those looking for light while practicing music, the Donner DMS-1 is a good option.


  • Come with a light and carrying case
  • Solid base


  • Some issues with quality control
  • Light is not the best

8. T-SIGN Dual-Use – Best Dual with Light Attachment

Dual-Use Sheet Music Stand, Tabletop Music Book Stand, Music Stand for Sheet Music, Portable Music Stand for Desktop and Floor Use, Professional Collapsible Music Stand with Carrying Bag

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The T-SIGN Dual-Use is an excellent option as it comes with many features that you will enjoy as a musician.

The product has two uses. You can use it with the tripod, or you can lean it down onto a desk or table for easier practicing when you were sitting down. It is fully adjustable with many degrees of adjustment. You can use it with guitars, violins, and other instruments. The height goes from 19 in to 53 in so it is suitable for both adults and children whether they are standing up or sitting down. It is made with ABS plastic and it’s portable as well as foldable. You can collapse it down to take it with you. It’s easy to store with the included carrying case.

You also get a light with this package. This features a clip so you can put it on the stand for more light when you need it. the device comes with a USB cable. Charge it with another USB capable device when required.


  • Two uses for the product
  • Folds for easy storge
  • Carrying case
  • Light


  • A bit expensive
  • Some issues with poor quality parts

9. Maestro APL1281 – Best Heavy Duty Stand

Maestro Extra Durable Metal Music Note Stand Orchestra Heavy Duty Tripod APL1281

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When you sit down to practice you may have a lot of heavy materials, so you need one that can support them. You get this with the Maestro APL1281 as it is heavy-duty.

It features a 19 in x 13.5 bookplate which will hold all of your materials. It is fully adjustable and will tilt back so you can put it in an angle that works for you. The height is adjustable from 32 in to 58.7 in.  Use it whether you are sitting down or standing up. The middle spring arm extensions will hold your papers in place so you can view them as you practice. The base is sturdy and it will not move around. You can fold it down and take it with you.  Each of the three feet features a metal stopper on the end so it won’t scratch surfaces.


  • Heavy base
  • Easy to adjust


  • Expensive
  • No carrying case included

10. QuickLift Sheet Music – Best for a Table Top

MyDeal Products QuickLift Sheet Music and Tablature Stand Tabletop Mount with Aluminum Alloy Construction. Feature folding design with Adjustable Height and Angle

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Sometimes you don’t need a music stand that has a full tripod. You can get ones that will fit on your desk for a table such as the QuickLIFT .

This product has three points of adjustment for the angle as well as the height. You don’t need any tools for the adjustments. There is a one-touch button joint so you can adjust the angle in the height with ease. It is perfect for all of your music materials. It has a durable alloy surface which is strong. The surface dimensions are 16.5 X 10.25 and the max height is 19 in.  This product is perfect if you are sitting at a desk and you want to view your music. For anyone looking for the perfect desk music stand, the QuickLIFT is a solid option.


  • Easy to use on a desk
  • Angle adjustments


  • Can not use standing up
  • Some quality control issues

11. wishacc Bamboo – Best Unique Product Made from Wood

wishacc Bamboo Book Stand, Adjustable Book Holder Tray and Page Paper Clips-Cookbook Reading Desk Portable Sturdy Lightweight Bookstand-Textbooks Books

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For those looking for a something that you can place on your desk for holding all of your have a look at Wishacc as they have a unique product made out of bamboo.

It is designed to hold music scores, recipes, and so on. There are five different angles so you can place it in whatever position that you need. There is a spring design that will hold the pages of any book open for you. It is rugged and stable and will stay in place on any surface. It’s made from bamboo so it is easy to wipe clean and it is durable. When you are not using it, fold it down and it is easy to store away. The book holder plate is 12.2 x 8.3 x 0.9.


  • Attractive look
  • Holds materials in place with clips
  • Has other uses besides music papers


  • Clips are tight on pages
  • May not be suitable for heavy music materials

12. Eastar ESMF-3 Tabletop – Best Low Cost Table Stand

Eastar Tabletop Music Stand for Sheet Music ESMF-3, Table Top Desktop Book Stand Folding Portable Sheet Music Stand Adjustable Travel Music Holder Lightweight with Carrying Bag, Black

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For those looking for a high-quality product for the music papers on a table, have a look at the Eastar ESMF-3 Tabletop.

This product is made of high-quality materials. It contains iron plate with a thickness of 1.5 mm so it is quite strong and stable when sitting on the desk. The platform for the paper is 19.5 in or 50 cm and the thickness is 1 inch or 2.5 cm so it can hold the most of your music. You can hold your papers in place with two clips so books do not move while you are practicing. It is easy to fold this product away for quick storage as It comes with a carrying bag.  This product makes it easy for you to view your music papers on your desk.


  • Solid construction
  • Clip for music papers


  • Can not use it standing up
  • Some quality control issues

13. CAHAYA Desktop – Best Table Stand That Is Adjustable

CAHAYA Desktop Sheet Music Stand Metal Angle Adjustable Tabletop Book Reading Cookbook Tablet Holder Stand Tray and Page Paper Clip CY0214

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If you have an instrument where you are sitting at a desk or a table most of the time, you might want to have a look at the CAHAYA Desktop Stand. It makes it easy for you to view all of your papers.

It is made with durable metal. It comes with one detachable desktop support and one bookplate. The tray is 2 inches deep so it’s perfect for all of your music papers. It has a metal spring arm extension so it will hold the paper in place while you were practicing. There is also be flexible viewing angle. You can tilt the plate and adjust it into a position that works the best for you. You also get a carrying bag so does perfect for school, home, or for music lessons.


  • Made with durable materials
  • Adjustable


  • May not support all music books
  • Clips are a little flimsy


A music stand is an accessory that you need for your music room. It allows you to view your music while you’re playing your instrument. There are a couple of types that you can buy. You can buy one that stands for the tripod or one that sits by itself on your desk. Whatever type you buy will depend upon your preferences.

For beginners, I recommend the GLEAM Sheet Music Stand. This is low coast, durable, adjustable, and comes with a carrying case so you can take it with you wherever you go. The AmazonBasics Professional is ideal if you need a solid stand when playing live such as an orchestra or band setting. It has a solid base and plenty of room for music materials and other papers. The Eastar ESMF-3 is ideal if you need a stand for the desk as it has a solid base and lots of room for your books.

You have plenty of options when it comes to a music stand.  use one that you are comfortable with. Make sure it has a solid and sturdy base. You want one that is adjustable and both height as well as angle. This will make it easier for you to concentrate on your music.

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