6 Best Piano Bench Options 2022: Adjustable Benches for Your Needs

A piano bench is the best way to ensure that you are comfortable and that you have the correct posture while you play your instrument. Whether you are learning to play on a keyboard or you are a seasoned professional at playing an acoustic piano, a bench is an important piece of equipment that is often overlooked.

Piano benches are sometimes the last thing budding musicians buy, but this is a mistake. If you get used to playing whilst sitting on a chair that isn’t the right size, or even putting a keyboard on your lap, it is very likely that you will end up with a poor technique, back pain or just end up having to adjust in the future when you want to play to a more professional standard.

When people think about a piano bench, they might think about a big, grandiose design with wooden legs and genuine leather. There are plenty of plush benches like this out there, but they aren’t essential. You can find all sorts of different designs for portable use for gigs or for sitting within your home. We’ve collected some of the best piano bench options in this guide, as well as a buying guide to help you to decide which features are most important.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks..

Hard Seat vs Soft Seat

One of the buying decisions to make is whether you want a hard or soft seat. There are plenty of options for both designs out there.

This is something that comes down to personal preference. There are some pros and cons to consider though. If you are looking to buy a cushioned piano bench, you may be more comfortable, especially if your piano technique is not perfect and your posture needs some work. The main downside of this type of seat is the fact that it can collect your heat. In warmer locations, it is easy to get hot and bothered on a padded keyboard bench.

Hard seat piano benches don’t build up heat anywhere near as much, but you might find that they aren’t as comfortable. There is a trade-off here and it depends on what you are looking for.

Leather Finish

Most of the products on this list come with a leather finish. This can be real leather or a cheaper material such as faux leather, which has many of the same properties but it is cheaper, so budget piano benches might come with this sort of material. The leather finishes don’t tend to just be about a luxurious finish, they are actually to do with maintenance too.

A leather finish is easy to clean. You can simply wipe the surface and not worry about it staying wet. Also, any liquids spilt on it won’t get soaked up into the seat so that you have to spend ages scrubbing. If you are in the market for a piano bench for children, the best piano bench options will probably have a leather or faux leather finish, no annoying sticky stains that are impossible to get out.

Best Piano Bench Height

How tall should your piano bench be? This is a discussion that a lot of people have before buying their bench. Luckily, a lot of the benches are sold as adjustable piano benches. As you would expect, this means adjustable height, so you can set it to what is comfortable and best for your posture when sitting at the piano.

This guide has some info on how high the bench should be. The key thing is to remember that this can vary depending on your size. It isn’t an exact science, so whatever you are comfortable with is fine.

When you are at the piano, your arms should rest at the level of the keys. The same is true for a keyboard bench too. Your wrist would be bent lower than the knuckles but without having to rest directly in front of the keys. Your knees should fit underneath the piano or keyboard, and you should be able to access the pedals. The adjustable height is specifically useful if you are using a keyboard. These often have adjustable stands too, so there is no standard size or height for them.

Storage – Do You Need a Piano bench With Storage?

Some people are looking for the best piano benches for keeping sheet music and other items within. Traditionally, solid wood models have a storage compartment within the seat of the bench. This storage space can be used for anything you want, but obviously, accessories and sheet music are very common uses for it.

If you are going for an adjustable bench then it might be harder to find a bench with storage, so think about whether this is a priority or not before you make your purchase. If you are looking for something portable and need an adjustable bench then you might prioritize this over any sort of storage space.

Capacity – Do You Need to Worry About Capacity?

Many of the bench models on the list have a “capacity”. Just like other types of chair such as gaming chairs, the manufacturers will have a recommended limit for how heavy the people using the chair should be. This tends to be between 250lbs and 400lbs.

Most people will be fine to use almost any different piano stool without having to worry about the capacity. If you are a larger piano player and you are worried about something that can take your weight, it is better to check beforehand rather than having to worry about breaking the hydraulics or adjustable nature of a chair.

What is a Double (Or Duet) Bench?

There is such a thing as a duet piano bench. Simply put, these benches are wider allowing for two people to sit at the piano. They’re good for lessons or for duets. If you buy one of these benches you don’t have to use it all, so if you are playing solo then it is no problem either.

Duet benches tend to be the wooden frame designs so they aren’t always adjustable, and very few allow you to adjust both seats separately. They don’t offer as much flexibility as some “solo” models.

Where to Buy a Piano Bench?

You might be able to find a piano bench within a local music store or piano specialist, but this depends upon which piano Stoll and bench models they are stocking at the time. There’s little doubt that to find a piano bench, going online will lead to the most choice.

If you need to buy the piano or keyboard itself as well as the bench, it might be sensible to look for a bundle. Some people selling digital pianos include accessories so that people are more likely to buy their offering, and many bundles include a piano bench as well as other accessories including headphones and music stands.

It is a case of considering what you need from your bench. Do you need a storage compartment? Do you want an adjustable bench? Does the material matter to you? Consider all of these things before taking the plunge.

Best Piano Bench Reviews

1. RockJam Padded Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Storage (RJKBB500) – Best Overall

RockJam Padded Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Storage (RJKBB500)

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This sturdy, solid wood piano stool is both fantastically made and great value for money. Though the “RockJam” brand isn’t as world-renowned as some of the others on this list, if you are looking for a sturdy piano bench then it is hard to argue with this option.

It is a bench-style model that is made with capacity for people weighing up to 300 lbs. It also has rubberized feet to stop you from slipping around and also prevent marking on the floor. There’s a storage compartment inside and you can keep sheet music and other items within this storage space.

Comfort is paramount and this has a faux leather finish on top of a lot of cushioning, which is good for your comfort even in long sessions. This is a really simple piano bench but it is well-built and you can feel the quality of the solid wood, especially considering the price, which is impressive.


  • Lots of padding within for comfort on the seat.
  • Comes with a roomy storage area.
  • Faux leather covering which is easy to clean.


  • Not adjustable so you can’t alter the height to suit your needs.

If you are in the market for a well-made piano bench with storage, and you aren’t worried about it being adjustable then this could be the model for you. This bench also offers a simple design when it comes to cleaning and wiping down, and loads of padding for a comfy experience.

2. Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard Bench – Best Keyboard Bench

Yamaha OEM PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard X-Style Bench, Black, 19.5 inches

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You will struggle to find many lists of the best bench, piano, or other accessories for pianos without finding a Yamaha option. They are one of the biggest brand names in the market, and as well as creating pianos, digital pianos and keyboards, they also offer adjustable stools and benches for people sitting in front of their instruments. If you are looking for something with adjustable height or to use with a keyboard then this could be one of the best choices.

As well as the Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard Bench being a top-seller, it has a clever design for keyboard players and pianists. It has an adjustable padded design. The ultra-thick cushioning means you stay comfy even with long hours of playing the piano.

You can set the height between 17.5 and 19.5 inches, which is less adjustable than some of the other options, but having a few different height settings is a great bonus when you are looking for a padded keyboard bench. It’s even “extra-wide” which means that larger people stay comfy, too.

Adjustability isn’t just for height, either, it is easy to fold up to transport and it is also easy to assemble again when it is time to play the instrument. Yamaha recommends this for synths and keyboards but it is suitable for pianos, too.


  • Folds for travel needs.
  • Has an extra-wide design for larger people to use the bench.
  • Suitable for use with synths and keyboards.
  • It can be altered between 17.5 and 19.5 inches high.


  • No storage space.
  • It isn’t as adjustable as some of the other options on the market.

Yamaha quality is almost universal. Most Yamaha products are very well-made and well thought out. The Yamaha PKBB1 is no different. It could do with being a little more adjustable in an ideal world, but between 17.5 and 19.5 inches is plenty of variation for most people, and the wide seat and extra padding is a bonus.

3. Neewer NW-007 Adjustable Deluxe Padded Piano Bench – Best Adjustable Bench with Padded Seat

Neewer PU Leather Adjustable Piano Bench with Waterproof Cushion Inner Extra Music Storage Compartment Solid Hard Wood Construction, Load up to 110 kg

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An adjustable bench with a wooden design and such a plus finish can be rare, and it is a thing of beauty. The Neewer NW-007 is a very well-made, adjustable, padded bench with a genuine leather finish. We might have put it a bit higher on the list of the best benches and seats if the cost were a little lower.

If you don’t mind paying a premium for excellent quality and the extra function of being able to adjust the height then the Neewer is worth considering. The legs or “platform” are made of wood and provide a solid base, and the seat above this then has an adjustable height controller. The height can be adjusted from 48cm to 55cm, and a simple knob control lets you alter it based on your own height.

The PU leather design on top of a comfy padded seat is perfect for those looking for a padded keyboard bench or piano bench that is both ethically made and easy to clean. The capacity is around 110kg, so people who weigh more than this will need to be careful.


  • Easy to put together and even comes with a wrench for assembly.
  • PU leather finish which is easy to wipe down and clean.
  • Solid wooden base but also adjustable.
  • Lots of storage space is included in the chair section.


  • Capacity isn’t as high as some others. People weighing a lot might struggle.
  • Expensive compared to some of the other best piano benches.

If budget isn’t too much of a problem then this could be a good, sturdy bench that can last a number of years, but also accommodate people of different shapes and sizes with a simple knob to change the height and make it comfy to play the piano.

4. Greenpro Adjustable X Style Cushion Padded Piano Keyboard Bench – Best Value Pick

Greenpro Keyboard Bench and Piano Stool, Adjustable X Style Padded Cushion Piano Bench in Black

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Looking for a piano or keyboard bench and don’t want to spend too much money? The Greenpro could be for you. Finding an affordable piano bench can lead to suspicions. A lot of people worry about the capacity and build-quality. While this X-style piano bench isn’t packed with amazing features or revolutionary build-quality, it certainly does a reliable job and you don’t have to worry about it letting you down, plus, you can adjust it.

The frame of this piano stool is made out of steel and it is definitely built to last. Plus, it has a big capacity, people weighing up to 370 lbs can use this bench and seat with no fear of it breaking, even though it has a relatively small size of 12×16 inches.

The rubber caps on the end are for stability but also stop you from marking the floor. It is a convenient model due to the fact that it folds totally flat, like many of the X-style stands.


  • Extremely durable steel design and allows people up to 370 lbs in weight to use it.
  • Suitable for use with keyboards, synths, and pianos.
  • Folds up for convenient and easy transportation.
  • Great value, this is one of the most affordable models on the market.


  • This only gives three options for height positions: 15 3/4″ inches, 17 3/4″ inches and 19″ inches.
  • Not as padded and comfortable as some other piano bench models.
  • No storage compartment.

If you’re looking for a cheap model and don’t mind that it doesn’t have a lot of padding or a storage compartment, the Greenpro might be worth considering. You certainly don’t need to worry about the build quality, as this should last a number of years and can handle large piano players too.

5. Neewer Wooden Duet Piano Bench with Padded Leather Cushion – Best Duet Piano Bench

Neewer® Wooden Duet Piano Bench with Padded Leather Cushion for Deluxe Comfort and Bulid-in Flip-Top Seat Extra Storage Compartment for Music Books and Other Accessories, Black

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A lot of people are in the market for a bigger bench that is suitable for multiple people to sit at the piano at once. This is the best piano bench we’ve come across with a durable design and the capacity for two people. This bench is popular for lessons or just for people playing together for fun.

This is the second Neewer model on the list and while they are not the cheapest, they do offer a good build quality. This has a solid wood construction and a wood-trimmed edge, as well as a covering of PU leather, a type of faux leather that some people prefer to genuine leather due to where it is sourced.

The bench is 29.8″/75.7cm long, 14″/35.7cm deep and 18.9″/48cm high in total, so has space for a couple of musicians to sit at the bench. The capacity is not explicitly mentioned, but it can easily take two people. Also, the fact that it is bigger means more room in the storage compartment that is hidden within the seat of this piano bench.

Like the other Neewer model, it is easy to assemble and comes with a wrench for adding the legs to the bench when needed. Unfortunately, this is not an adjustable bench, piano players will need to sit at the same height regardless of their own height and whether they can easily reach the pedals.


  • Great for lessons or duets.
  • Comes with a large storage compartment inside.
  • Simple to clean and wipe down after use.


  • Not as heavily padded as some of the other models on the market.
  • Height is not adjustable.

There is a little bit less choice if you are looking for piano benches for two people, but this model does a perfect job if you don’t mind the fact that it isn’t adjustable. If you are in need of room for two people and you want a piano bench with storage aplenty then this could be the right model for you.

6. On-Stage KB9503B Height Adjustable Piano Bench, Black Gloss – Best for Height Adjustment

OnStage KB9503B Height Adjustable Piano Bench, Black Gloss

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What do we mean when we nominate this as the “best for height adjustment”. Though some of the adjustable padded seat options elsewhere on this list might be better overall, the On-Stage has a big range. This means you can adjust it anywhere between 17″ and 22″ and be able to use it with just as much ease whether you are tall and need it lower to the ground or you are looking for a bit of a boost in height.

As well as having a lot of different height settings for people of all different sizes, the On-Stage KB9503B also boasts being incredibly well-made and durable. You will pay a little extra for this premium quality, so this doesn’t make the list due to the price tag, but a lot of people are happy to spend a little more to get something they know is sturdy.

The adjustment is hydraulic and is so easy to adjust. Once the bench has been constructed you can simply use a lever to change the height. Some of the other models on this list are a bit more difficult to make changes to the height, and rely on you manually making the changes.

The gloss base is exceptionally solid, but it looks good too, and goes well with the tufted benchtop which has a great deal of comfort and padding.

One downside is the fact that it doesn’t come with any sort of storage but this is hardly surprising when you look at just how adjustable it is. This space has been utilized to get the most out of the hydraulic function so that you can get it to the most comfortable level for you.


  • Adjust with hydraulics between 17 and 22 inches to get the perfect height for your bench.
  • Easy to adjust even while sitting on it.
  • Exceptionally sturdy build.
  • Comfortable with plenty of padding on the piano bench seat.


  • No storage space within.
  • A lot more expensive than some other options.

If you want a sturdy option and you aren’t too bothered about the fact that there is no storage compartment then this could be the piano bench for you. It is expensive, but this is justified by the amazing build quality, and the hard-wearing base for the bench.

The hydraulics show what a clever design this is, and it is so simple to make changes to the level you are sitting at, making this one of the best choices for people of all shapes and sizes.


I bet you never knew there are so many options when it comes to choosing a piano bench for you. Whether you are looking for a piano bench or a keyboard bench, or you want to find a model that suits your size and shape, you can find something on our list to suit.

For something adjustable that can suit the shape and size of the keyboard or synth you are playing, the Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard Bench can be a good option. For a piano bench that has a lot of storage within, the RockJam Padded Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Storage is worth looking into, with a sturdy design, a clever storage compartment and a comfy seat.

Getting your choice of piano bench right is more about establishing how you will be using it and making the choices based on what you need.

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