Best Online Piano Lessons: Courses, Apps, Resources [2022]

In today’s busy world it can be difficult to find the time to take up a new hobby like learning to play the piano. Using the best online piano lessons is a great way to learn and there are apps and courses for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time pianist, there’s something for anyone who is aspiring to become a musician.

In online piano lessons, you will have a structured plan that will help you to get started as well as giving you the motivation to keep coming back and practicing regularly. Most of all this type of learning is very affordable so it could be a great entry point into the world of classical music and learning the piano.

So what are the features of the best online piano lessons and what are the benefits of learning like this? There are several different types of online piano lesson structures and you will need to find the one that best suits your needs. There are apps, sites and even downloads that you can use offline on your computer or laptop. Some of the more expensive apps and courses give you access to an online teacher as well as recorded video lessons that can help you with feedback and corrections.

When looking at our guide on the best online piano lessons you will want to think about what kind of piano you have, the genre of music you want to learn and the device you will be learning on. Read on to find some of the best lessons on piano that can be done online.

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions has some of the best online piano lessons you could ever want. There’s a huge amount of material which are perfect for any level of playing experience.

+ You win points which helps you to unlock courses, helping keep you motivated

+ You will play as you learn with a great range of song genres

+ The setup is modern and user-friendly

-To play more than five songs a month requires an additional fee

When you start learning with Playground Sessions you start out with the basics before moving on to music theory. This helps you to stop feeling so overwhelmed and like too much is packed into each lesson. There’s a lot of music theory tutorials that are included in the lesson plans but the software teaches it to you by pairing it with a popular song.

Something that is really important to online piano lessons is the ability to track your progress over time. Playground Sessions gives you this feature with a status report after every lesson you participate in. It shows you the wrong notes you played and the ones you got right. Based on that report you will receive a set amount of points and you will continue through the lessons until you hit the right amount of points to move up to the next level.

Another great feature of the software is that it allows you to record each lesson. Having the ability to replay your lesson back can help you find out where your mistakes are and help you to improve your skills. Any areas that you get stuck on can be slowed down and you can even take the backing track away so you can learn that bar alone until you get it right.

The lessons featured in this course have been designed for everyone no matter what your skill level is. All you need to do is use the internet to download the software onto your computer. You will also need an internet connection to download songs and lessons or participate in the community that you can interact with as part of your subscription. Once you have downloaded your songs or lesson then you no longer need to be on the internet to access Playground Sessions.

Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel offers piano lessons online with a low subscription fee and an engaging interface.

+ Subscription is low cost with different options available to suit your budget

+ Rewards system helps to keep you motivated

+ Each piano lesson is broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks

-There are no live chat features and you won’t receive any support face-to-face

If you want to learn the piano but are on a budget then Piano Marvel will be a great option for you. Each of the online lessons has been broken down into small, bitesize chunks which is fantastic if you find the learning process overwhelming. Any MIDI-compatible keyboard can be used to interact with the lessons and you will be able to track your progress as you go through the lesson plan. As you progress through the video lessons you will receive rewards that will motivate you to keep learning. Each lesson is also set out like a game so they’re super interactive.

When you log into the video lessons you will see a huge library of songs which include pieces from all the popular genres. You can learn from playing the songs you recognize and know which makes it easier. Overall it’s a good service if you don’t want to pay out too much for lessons per month.


Less experienced players and young pianists will find some of the best online piano lessons using Flowkey.

+ Tracks your progress even if you are using an acoustic piano

+ Interface is easy to use

+ Can be used on tablets and laptops

+ Free trial available

-Not any music theory and sheet music reading lessons available

Flowkey has an interface that is simple to use even for younger children. You can jump around and choose which lessons and songs you want to learn. When you first start using the app you will go through a one time assessment to test your skill level. This is part of the setup that puts you at the correct starting point in the curriculum.

You can subscribe to Flowkey per month or on a yearly basis. The free trial is also on offer for 30 days so you can make sure this is the right way to learn for you. Of all the online lessons available this was the easiest interface to use and the modern look will appear to younger musicians.

Flowkey aims to teach you to play the piano through songs. In total there are over 500 songs you can choose from and start to learn right away. There is even a popular genre with music from pop stars and movie soundtracks. If you know you want to learn specific songs then this app is definitely the right choice for you.

Piano With Willie

Anyone seeking more traditional piano lessons will find a more adult setup with Piano With Willie.

+ Each lesson plan is genre-specific

+ All lessons are interactive

+ You can track your own progress

-An expensive plan compared to other online lessons

Piano With Willie is available on several different subscription options including being able to pay on a monthly basis. It is a lot more expensive than other online lessons available but there is a massive variety of lesson plans as well as genres to play.

As well as your standard music theory lessons there are also different plans on improvising and arranging sheet music which is a rare topic when it comes to online lessons like this. You can also book in Skype sessions which are made available for people who want to experience the benefits that come with having a piano teacher.

We would recommend Piano With Willie for adults. It wouldn’t be suitable for younger learners because all progress has to be tracked by yourself. It will also work better for those who can motivate themselves and who will continue to learn and practice without having to be prompted. However, with each lesson you participate in it does track your progress and shows you a percentage of completion before you move on to the next session.

ArtistWorks: Piano with Christie Peery

For anyone who wants to learn classical music then this is one of the best online learning resources.

+ Feedback is personalized and is given to you via video

+ You will work with a teacher who can help you to develop your music skills

-There’s no immediate feedback as you are playing

-You will need a metronome and a camera to take these lessons

If you want to learn classical piano then you won’t get a more comprehensive learning experience than ArtistWorks. There are literally hundreds of lessons available and they cater to all experience levels. You can work through the sessions at your own pace and all your progress is hosted on the video exchange platform.

Once you have finished a section of the lessons to the best of your ability you can submit the video to Christie. She will then personally review your video and will then provide you with feedback on areas you can improve on. It’s a more traditional way to learn piano and it’s a great choice for anyone who wants to study in a more structured way with feedback.

The course is based on a subscription and the longer you subscribe for, the less it will cost you per month. Before you can start learning on this course you will need to buy a metronome, an 88-key piano and a camera that can record video. This is so you can record your sessions and then submit them for review.


You can learn your favorite popular songs using this interactive and straightforward app.

+ Interactive learning makes it more fun

-Some arrangements are overly simplistic even for beginners

-Not the best option for playing classical pieces or learning music theory

If you’re brand new to the world of piano then Skoove may be the place to go for both beginner and intermediate courses. After you have completed these lessons you can continue to learn further in either the pop or classical genre.

You will learn to play by ear using this software which helps you to quickly learn new playing skills. There’s also basic advice on how you can improvise during your playing with an emphasis on how important good technique is.

The interface of the app is laid out in such a way that it makes it easy to use and get to grips with, even for young players. You have the choice to use a conventional or MIDI keyboard as the system can recognize either of these. Overall this app is an effective way of learning the piano online.


Learn the piano from a more chord-focused approach which is brilliant if you want to improvise and compose music.

+ Only requires a single one time payment

+ Learning through chords can help you compose and improvise your own music

-No interactive elements to keep learning fun

-Not a traditional way to be taught the piano

Pianoforall is an online platform that provides video lessons to its subscribers. It’s a site that is slightly different to the others in that it offers you a lifetime full of content for just a one off payment. You also get any future updates for free included in the upfront cost. The site aims to teach you by ear so that you can improvise and compose your own music. This won’t be a suitable method if you prefer the more traditional lesson plans.

When you start learning through the site you will see there’s a major emphasis on chord shapes and how they are used in popular songs. If you’ve struggled with traditional learning for the piano in the past then this course may be the right pick for you.


The final entry in our list is Music2me, a site that is brilliant if you like to learn by watching online videos.

+ Loads of online videos available for just one price

+ Both sheet music and piano views during the videos

-No MIDI interactivity

For a pure focus on video tuition, this site offers over 150 tutorial videos which also includes 75 pop songs that you may recognize. Every lesson is presented with a video of the piano at the top and the sheet music displayed at the bottom. These both play at the same time so you can ensure your fingers are playing the right notes as the song progresses. There is a feature that allows you to reduce the speed so that any tough parts can be slowed down and practiced more thoroughly.

The site runs on any device that can connect to the internet and the video’s scale to your screen. There’s no interactivity with the videos and you won’t receive any feedback on your playing either. If you’re happy to watch and learn how to play then this will be the best option for you.

Benefits of Learning Piano Online

Learning to play the piano on apps such as Playground Sessions is so good because you can learn at your own speed and do it from the comfort of your own home too. It’s the best option if you’ve always wanted to learn how to play but have never been able to find the time to take the traditional route of piano lessons. It may also be a better method if you have to stick to a tight budget or you simply don’t have the time in your schedule to have weekly lessons.

Using piano lesson services like this is great for budding pianists because they combine the best of both worlds. They are affordable and practical as well as having the option to get an online teacher if you feel you need further help during your studies.

Many of the apps have been specifically designed to resemble video games. They track your progress as you make your way through each session and add in extra motivation by giving out trophies, unlockable extra content and bonuses. All of these things are especially good for kids who need an incentive to want to learn. Kids are used to the accessibility of apps like this and they are easy to use for even the most novice of pianists.

Most of the courses and apps we have mentioned in our guide use the microphone and USB ports in the device that you are using. You can connect your MIDI keyboard to the apps and listen to your progress. Some of the apps also analyze your progress as you go through each lesson and offer you some feedback on how you can build and improve on your skills.

What to Look For in Online Piano Lessons

Knowing what to look for when searching for online tutoring in the piano all depends on what you want to get out of your time and money. Most of the online piano teaching sites cater to a whole range of skills from people who have never touched a keyboard to people who have more advanced skills. The best sites you will find will offer up a combination of videos as well as software that vary according to skill levels. You may also want to look for one that has a structured learning path, with progress tracking and instant feedback from a qualified teacher.

Getting good value for money is important. There are tonnes of flexible and great value subscription services and some sites even give you a free trial so that you can see if the content they provide is right for you and your style of learning.

Are you planning on using any equipment that will need to go along with the app or website to improve your piano playing? This is something else you will want to take into consideration. If you are using an upright piano then you will need an app or site that can recognize the notes you are playing via a microphone on your device. If you have a MIDI keyboard then you will need to use a service that is compatible with this type of playing.

Is it Cheaper?

Most of the apps and sites you can use to learn online offer up monthly and annual subscription plans. This means it breaks down the full cost over time into more manageable chunks so it can be more affordable. The average price of your standard weekly 30 minute piano lesson is around $20. The average for online sessions can range anywhere from $15 to $50 each month depending on how long the subscription is and what content it offers.

Based on the above estimates the cost of taking lessons online would work out to be considerably less expensive over a month than taking a 30-minute traditional lesson every week.

Sheet Music Catalogs

When you sign up to learn piano on a website or app, many of them have big libraries of sheet music that you can use to practice with. However, if there are some songs that you really want to learn aren’t included in your course, you can use these sources to find downloadable and printable music.

  • MusicNotes – This catalog contains over 300,000 songs and arrangements that span a massive range of genres. Each song costs on average $5 and you then own that music and can print it out to use for practice. There are also apps available that you can use straight from your phone or tablet.
  • The Mutopia Project – Most of the music you will come across in this catalog is either baroque or classical in style. They are completely free to print and distribute as you want because they belong to public domain. In total there’s over 2,000 songs to choose from but only 700 of these have been composed specifically for the piano.


What is the best free online piano lessons?

You can check out our guide above to find out the best piano lessons that are online and also offer free trials.

Are online piano lessons any good?

Learning to become a pianist online can be a good idea if you don’t want to fully commit to having a full-time piano teacher. Taking part in a free trial for an online piano lesson course is also good if you want to try out learning traditional piano without having to spend a lot of money each month.

Can you teach yourself piano online?

While having a traditional piano teacher obviously has its benefits, it’s more than possible to learn piano by yourself using online lessons and courses.

What’s the best app for learning piano?

Simply Piano by JoyTunes is often the most recommended app for learning piano. It has a great array of popular songs and also video lessons if you want to learn classical music.


The benefits of learning any musical instrument are massive. The fact that you can take online piano lessons without having to sit in a classroom every week is truly amazing. We hope you enjoyed our guide and that you are inspired to get learning the piano online.

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