6 Best Cello Cases 2022: Carry Your Cello in Top-Notch Cases

There are several things to keep in mind when looking for the best solo case for your instrument. This guide will help you pick an excellent case, so your cello is well-protected from damaged and the elements.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks..

What to Look For in a Cello Case

There are different case shapes that you need to be aware of. You can get cases that are lightweight, made with carbon fiber, cases that have a lock, ones with wheels, and room inside for accessories. You will have to make a note of what you were looking for in a cello case.

Case Shapes and Styles

There are a few different cello case shapes. You have ones that are dart style, oblong, and shaped. If you have a case that is shaped, for example, it is designed to fit around the cello. Dart style and shaped cases are perfect for younger players because they are not as heavy. The oblong case or rectangular case far more expensive, but these have extra room inside for accessories. You may also want to get a case to this made out of carbon fiber since this will protect your instrument from damage and provides maximum protection.

Gig Bag or Hard Case?

You may be tempted to buy a gig bag for your cello, but this is not the best option.  These cases are soft and easier to carry around with you, but they do not offer the maximum amount of protection for your instrument. Technology has come a long way, and hardshell cases have been improved by a great deal. They are not as bulky as they used to be, even with a large instrument inside such as the cello. A lot of hard cases now come with built-in wheels, so they are easier to carry around with you. If you want the best protection for your cello, you should get a hard case, if at all possible. Gig bags are still suitable for short trips as they are lighter.

Suspension Case

A suspension case has a raised shelf or several shelves that will suspend the back of the cello about an inch over the bottom of the case that you were using. This gives more protection for the instrument. If you do not get a suspension case, make sure the product you buy has extra foam cushion. You want this to be molded to the shape of your instrument. A suspension case helps secure the cello in place, and it is especially important for storage or transporting your instrument around. You want to limit the amount of movement inside the case, and this is where a suspension case can help you.

Cello Features

There are several features that you need to look for before you buy a case for your instrument.

Good Handle and Lock

Sure, your cello case has a solid handle. You do not want one that is flimsy because it will be difficult to hold, which will put a strain on your wrist, arm, and shoulder.  Make sure the case also has decent snaps so that the lid can be secured down when the case is closed. Try to avoid zippers if at all possible because these can catch, and you will not be able to open the case again, or you will be quite difficult to do so. You might also want to get a case that is lockable so that your instrument cannot be stolen out of the case. Not every case will have a lock, so you have to pick and choose.

Storage Compartments

You will also want a cello case that has some storage compartments. You will have strings, cleaning cloth, music papers, and so on, you need to store.  It is easy to carry these accessories around with you if your case has some storage capability. Cases will usually have around 1-4 built-in compartments for your cello accessories. Some of them will have pockets on the outside, while others will have these pockets inside. You will have to determine how much storage room that you want. Hainan island deal situation, you will probably want at least two storage compartments if you can find a case that has this.

Humidifier and Hydrometer

It can be a good idea to ensure that your case has a hydrometer or a humidifier. If the wood gets too dry or wet, then you are going to have changes in the instrument that you do not want. Make sure you have these devices if you are in an extreme climate where the temperature changes all the time. Some cases will have these devices that are built into them, but others do not. By using these devices, you can protect against warping, cracking, and other damage to your expensive instrument.

Best Cello Case Reviews

1. MI&VI Travel Cello Soft Case – Best for Short Trips

MI&VI CB-5005 Travel Cello Soft Case Gig Bag (4/4 Full Sized) With Multiple Pockets and Adjustable Backpack Straps | Thick 20mm Padding | Weather-Resistant | Non-Abrasive Lining - MIVI Music

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When traveling short distances, you might want to have a look at the MI&VI Travel Cello Soft Case. it has everything that you need to protect your valuable investment.

This case has 20 mm padding and it’s not abrasive. The nylon outside will resist water and the elements. This gig bag is designed to go short distances without wear and tear. It has adjustable backpack straps so you can carry it around with you. It has grab handles and the large zippers won’t catch while you are opening the case. It will fit most 4/4 sized classic as well as electric cellos. Inside you will find a bow holder and a loop closure so you can secure your bows. There’s a rear pocket that you can use to hold your sheet music. There’s also a small front pocket for holding rosin or other accessories. You get a 90-day warranty when you order this product.


  • Straps
  • Pockets for accessories


  • Lacks protection for longer trips
  • No latches only zippers
  • Not a lot of extra room inside

2. Protec 4/4 Cello Gig Bag – Best Low-Cost Cello Gig Bag

Protec 4/4 Cello Gig Bag - Silver Series, Model # C310E

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When going short distances has such as to and from your music lessons on a trip, you may not want to lug around a hardshell case for your cello. In this case, you might want to have a look at the Protec 4/4 Cello Gig Bag as it has everything you need to protect your instrument.

This bag has a nylon exterior. There are multiple grab handles so it’s easy to carry your cello around with you.  There are custom molded zippers that are long-lasting so it’s easy to open and close your case. You will find multiple storage pockets for your smaller accessories. There is a bow holder pocket for your bows with a hook and loop closure. Inside there is soft 3mm padding. This nylon lining is non-abrasive so it won’t scratch your instrument. To help you carry your cello there are adjustable backpack straps included. For short trips, You also have a luggage ID tag so you can quickly find your instrument amongst other pieces of luggage.


  • Backpack straps
  • Storage pockets
  • Low price


  • Not ideal for longer trips
  • Zippers can catch

3. Tonareli Designer Cello Bag – Best for Lessons

Tonareli Designer Cello Gig Bag - Blue Two-toned - 4/4

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The Tonareli Designer Cello Gig Bag Option for those that are taking cello lessons. It gives you plenty of protection for your instrument.

This gig bag will hold a 4/4 size cello. It has 20 mm padding inside so it will protect your instrument from damage. There is a music pocket so you can store your music papers. Inside you will find a pocket for Two bows. you also get fully adjustable backpack straps so it’s easy to take with you. The zippers are heavy duty which make it easy to open and close your gig bag.The case itself also has high impact rubber feet so you won’t scratch any surfaces when you put the case down. It also features a durable handle for easy portability. Anyone that wants to take their cello to lessons or to a quick gig, the Tonareli Designer Cello Gig Bag is a good option.


  • Pocket for sheet music
  • Lots of padding
  • Solid handle and straps


  • Expensive for a gig bag
  • Does not offer complete protection like a hardshell case does

4. Bam France Flight Cover for 4/4 Cello – Best Pro-Cello Case for Travel

Bam France Flight Cover for 4/4 Cello Cases with Black Exterior and Beige Interior with Wheels

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When traveling long distances, you can’t rely on a softshell case to protect your cello. This is why you need it hard shell trave case such as the Bam France Cello Case.

This case is suited for airline luggage check-in. Inside there is 1-2 in of insulating polyurethane foam for excellent protection. The shell is made with strong polypropylene and has water-resistant nylon fabric. Is a strong zipper to seal the case and it has a heavy-duty carrying handle. This handle can be moved to either side of the case if you prefer. There are backpack straps with security hooks so you can take it with you with ease. You get roller blade type rubber-coated wheels so you can put it on the ground if you don’t want to carry it. It will fit most 4/4 cellos.


  • Heavy protection for flights
  • Inside insulation


  • No accessory compartments
  • High cost

5. Bobelock 2000W Pink Fiberglass 4/4 – Best Fiberglass Cello Case

Bobelock 2000W Pink Fiberglass 4/4 Cello Case

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The Bobelock 2000W Cello Case gives you everything that you need when traveling or going to music lessons.

This case is made out of fiberglass and features a full suspension to protect the instrument. it is the perfect case to take with you when you were going on longer trips because the cello will be protected amongst all of the other luggage. Inside the case, you will find bow holders as well as an accessory compartment. It has a tough leather handle and metal latches so it will secure your cello inside. It is finished in high-gloss so it looks attractive. On the back or straps so you can carry it with you. It will hold a 4/4 full-sized cello.


  • Professional storage for a cello
  • Solid handle and latches


  • Expensive price
  • Could use more accessory storage

6. Gewa 341.250 Air Cello Case – Best Pro Case for Orchestra Players

Gewa 341.250 Air 3.9 Beige 4/4 Cello Case with Black interior

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If you are in an orchestra, you may be going from concert to concert. You can’t trust a regular gig bag for your expensive cello. You need a proper hard shell case to protect your valuable instrument. You will get that protection with the Gewa 341.250 Air cello case.

This case will fit a 4/4 cello. It comes in a beige finish. It features thermal shell construction as well as a black Billet interior. It has a suspension system inside with padding to protect your cello from damage. You get a combination lock so the instrument is protected from theft. The handles are handmade and genuine leather so they are strong as well as durable. You have an accessory pouch for your smaller items as well as two magnetic bow holders to hold your bows in place. To help you carry the cello around there are two neoprene shoulder straps. This case is handmade in Germany and weighs 8.6 lbs. For those that need an exceptional case for their cello, have a look at the Gewa 341.250 Air cello case.


  • Great protection for cello
  • Has a lock
  • Solid construction


  • Very expensive
  • A bit heavy


You want a solid and dependable case for your cello so it doesn’t get damaged. Gig bags are perfect for going on small trips such as to lessons or for a quick gig. If you plan to move your cello over longer distances, you might want to have a hard shell case as this will give you the most protection. You may have to spend a lot more money for a hard shell case when compared to a gig bag.

The Tonareli Designer Cello Bag is an excellent soft shell case for those that are taking cello lessons. You do have to pay quite a bit for it, but it gives you a lot of protection and it has shoulder straps as well as a dependable handle. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, have a look at the Protec 4/4 Cello Gig Bag.Bag won’t cost you a lot but it has plenty of padding as well as decent straps. It also has a luggage tag so you can easily identify your cello if you’re travelling.

If you are professional cello player you can’t rely on regular gig bags as they don’t offer total protection for your cello which might be quite expensive. In this case, have a look at the Gewa 341.250 Air Cello Case. This product provides maximum it provides maximum protection and you can also lock it to protect your valuable investment from being stolen.

You will find a wide range of cello cases on the market. The one that you get will all depend upon your needs and how much money you want to spend. Lower-cost cases won’t have as many features and they aren’t going to protect her valuable investment as much as a hard shell case will. If you have it an expensive instrument, you might want to invest in that hardshell case.

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